Saturday, 3 December 2011

13 Days Until I'm Home For Christmas!

Well, it's 13 days until I leave liverpool and f-off home to London. I can't wait. And because once again I've forgotten to post for ages (due to a big uni deadline) here is a little Christmas update, well not really an update, about my Christmas plans, in a new layout that will hopefully make this thing go by quicker and without me rambling on too much (like now).

The Good News

- Well before that happens there’s the Anime Society Christmas meal that I’m looking forward to. Buffet in… I actually can’t remember the name of the restaurant now, but I’ve seen the list of food, and it looks amazing. The best part is that members of the society get £5 off.
- I’m really looking forward to getting back to London and I have a whole list of things to do while I’m there (shopping, going to certain places/getting certain things that don't exist in Liverpool, going to places with people, more details later hehe). I’m also looking forward to just getting back and seeing my family and friends (and PS2) again… There’s just so much to look forward to…

The Bad News

- My PSP, which I’ve only had for a couple of weeks, is broken. The part that holds the memory card won’t shut. I have to hold it closed for the PSP to read the card so that it can load and save games. One time during a save my finger slipped and it opened, which ended up ruining the game data so I had to delete the whole file. Now I have to start again and it was the game I’d done the most on as well. The good thing is it was one of my favourites so I don’t really mind doing it all again, I’m just a little upset. The worst part? There is no place that fixes games in Liverpool! I’ve been looking since Sunday when it happened and I haven’t found one anywhere, except those places where you have to mail it, and I don’t trust those. So I have to wait until I get back to London. I was going to stop playing it until then but… I can’t wait that long.
- The other bad news is that I have some massive deadlines immediately after the holiday, one on the day I get back to Liverpool, so I’m going to have to be quick getting it there. The only good thing is that half of it is done already so I’m not too worried about having it done.

In Other News

- I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this already but I’m now doing Creative Writing single honours degree on its own, no more Film Studies. It’s not that I didn’t like it; I just thought this was better for me.
- Also, I’ve been thinking more about starting a second blog just for my stories. I’m planning to start writing a lot more now too, I’m going back to my old schedule of one story to be completed each day, at least.

And now, because you sat through all that, here’s a picture of my cat Sonny looking cute and (I think he looks) hopeful:

I hear he misses me, awwwww.

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