Wednesday, 14 December 2011

I Love Pork Buns! (Uni Task)

There are a lot of foods I love but one of my favourites is the pork bun. It's upsetting that the only place I've found it so far is the Chinatown in London. Whenever I'm around there in the early afternoon I'll stop by and get one, usually before going in the shop next door to buy a number of Asian sweets. They're only £1.50, £2.00 at the New Year when they're more busy.

When I eat them I have wonderful memories. The first time I ate one was last year at the Chinese New Year celebration. I was there with my best friend and it was her first time going to the celebration and I remember all the fun times we had that day, even if it was easy to get lost in the crowd.
I had seen pork buns in an anime I was watching at the time and when I saw the stall with them I had to try one. The first thing that attractred me to it was the shape, so different and such perfect presentation, especially the little decorative part at the top, and that delicious smell that always seems to accompany Chinese food.

The dough is always so soft and the sweet juice inside is so warm and tasty and there's always so much of it that after the first or second bite it spills out and moistens the bun further and runs down my fingers where I have to lick it off. The ball of pork inside is wonderfil and prepared with herbs and spices (I'm assuming that's what it is anyway, it's what mother suggested it was) rarely, if ever, found in English food. Of course, a pork bun never lasts that long for me anymore but they taste almost as good when cold as well. I really need to learn the recipe.

I also have a funnier memory of getting one with my mother. We were sitting on nearby steps and she picked a bit off her bun and threw it to a nearby pigeon. Within seconds, we were surrounded. She continued sharing and finished before me. I had to finish my pork bun under the stare of a pigeon that stood beside my leg, feeling guilty about refusing it, but I couldn't let it take my share.

(Note: This was written for my creative writing class where we had to write about one of our favourite foods, my description may be a little off because I haven't had a pork bun in months but at the time it was the only food I could focus on. It really is delicious and if you haven't tried one before I highly recommend them! They have other flavours like chicken as well, I'm sure there's a vegetable version also.)

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