Sunday, 18 December 2011

Top 5: Things I Love and Hate about London

Well now that I’m back in London I thought I’d do a list like the one on Thursday but for my home city instead.


1. My home – Of course this had to be number one, it is where I live after all. I grew up in London and lived there in the same house my entire life until just a few months ago. I feel really comfortable and happy when I’m there and it has a lot of things I like in it (mainly my cats and my PS2 [for now]). Of course, I love my parents too. And the estate I live on always has something going on. Well, not always… not things I do anyway. My parents do a lot, my mum does coffee mornings and bingo there, both parents run computer sessions for people without the internet in their homes and my dad is the chairman of the estate and organises fun days, movie nights, quiz nights, race nights and other such things.

2. Certain areas – There’s a whole area with lots of great stuff all around each other, Oxford Street, Leister Square, Trafalgar Square, Trocadero (featuring Tokyo Toys and some other cool stores), Chinatown and then also Camden Town (really cool shops for clothes and accessories there, if you’re into that sort of stuff).

3. Historical/cultural – I mentioned this in yesterdays… there’s a lot of historical and cultural parts of London. A lot of violent history too, which is amazing (especially the bits about serial killers). Then there are some amazing museums and art galleries there.

4. Parks – There are some really nice big parks too. They look even better at night and then they’re more empty, really quiet and peaceful. It can be creepy at times but I find that fun too.

5. Travel – It isn’t too expensive and in the area I live it’s really easy to get basically anywhere else in London, anywhere I usually go anyway and other places too.


1. Bad memories – Yeah, so I have a lot of bad memories here, sometimes I have actual flashbacks and stuff which really bother me, especially to do with school and stuff… One of the good things about not being there is that the flashbacks aren’t as bad. I’d never leave London permanently because of it though.

2. Bad people – Yeah… so not just the people from school but… and I’m sure every city has these… different types of bad people, those who will threaten/attack you on the streets (people have been killed and others have been badly attacked in the area I live, and of course many other parts of London), people who destroy public property and other people’s things, perverts that don’t stop following you and talking to you even after you make it clear you’re not interested, people just trying to get your money (don’t get me wrong, if I have it I’m always happy to give a bit to a homeless person or a charity person but as for others well… some people are just really messed up with that), and so on. (This is not to say that everyone is bad, a lot aren’t… but yeah.)

3. Big crowds – Yes, they can occur in most places but it does get really bad in London.

4. Insects – Every few months the house seems to get infested with flies… and other people I know have similar infestations of either flies or spiders or something else. (I wish we had spiders, at least they’re easier to remove… and kill the flies.)

Okay, I couldn’t think of a fifth. I’m sure I’ll come up with one later. Feel free to make suggestions.

Again the hate list was difficult for me to come up with… though my list for London was very generalised. Actually most of this list (and I think the last one) was generalised… I guess I just focus more on things I like.

And thus concludes another list. Hope you enjoyed.

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