Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Photo Task for University

Okay so here's another task I had to do for university where we had to take certain types of pictures around Liverpool. I think the point was to take photos for inspiration and stuff, I take a lot of pictures normally so that's great for me. Anyway, I thought I'd share my results.

'Shot above head height' - so this is basically (and pretty obviously) a radio tower which stands right next to St. John's shopping centre (and beyond there basically a massive shopping area for those who don't know Liverpool). I've just found the tower an interesting sight since the first time I came here.

'Shot of something on the ground'- this is near my flat. There are four wheels half buried in the ground. They really amuse me and have done since I first found the shortcut that leads me through there. Though I don't use it much anymore I still pass them every time I go to class. I keep meaning to see if I can find out why they're there.

'View from window' - It is what it is. Whenever I look out my bedroom window, this is what I see.

Shot taken at non-standard angle - Another shot from the window on a day the sky looked pretty. I'm a sucker for canted shots.

Shot taken without looking through viewfinder - I've never heard the term, I assumed it means without looking at the picture on the camera while taking it? This is the area right after I walk out of my flat.

Shot which contains smaller images within it - Already, I have more to add. This is basically one (of several) sections of my wall dedicated to gaming. There's a score sheet from when I got 7th place when the Anime Society went to laser quest, and some Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy stuff.

View of derelict or abandoned building - So this is an old church on my way to class/anime society meetings/student union/uni library/etc. If I remember rightly it was bombed during World War 2 and never rebuilt. It is believed to be haunted.

Random moment in which many things are happening - So a busy street then, I have several versions of this photo and was originally going to use one where you could see the nearby busker (ah, music) but then I decided the one wit the couple walking by in front of the camera actually looks really cool.

A shot with a frame within a frame - a window frame within a door frame within a camera frame, I went one more!

A shot in which the whole picture is taken up by a wall - not much to say here, look at all the different brick patterns... or something.

A photo of someone interesting - I didn't feel comfortable asking strangers for pictures or taking without permission so I just used one of my cat, Sonny. He's interesting!

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