Sunday, 18 December 2011

Back in London, the Update

Things have been so busy since I got back. First off, the journey home was very awkward and quite a bit painful. Also, it was snowing in Liverpool but not in London… I kinda want snow here but at the same time my boots are rubbish now and until I get more my feet will get soaked every time I go out.

When I got back home finally I got roped into going to this sort of Christmas party on the estate. It actually wasn’t that bad. The best part though was playing with my mum’s friend’s dog afterwards. I really missed her after all this time.

Then on Saturday I went down to Trocadero with mum. I bought us each a Starbucks Christmas drink (praline mocha is amazing!) and I had a pork bun at Chinatown. We went to Tokyo Toys. My mum actually didn’t get me my Christmas present yet because she doesn’t have the money and it looks like I won’t have it now until I go back in January (is easier to have it sent to me so I don’t have to take it back with all my other stuff)… of course, I didn’t go away empty handed, and they gave me 2 free badges (even though the paper that said what you get if you spend what amount only said 1…)! They seem to like me in there but I don’t know why, I seem to cause trouble for them every time I go in. My actions yesterday caused them to collapse the display they had up (because the display one was the last one hehe)… another customer helped hold it up and the shop guy was telling him what a nuisance I am! (In a friendly, jokey way, of course.)

Last night I had 7 hours of sleep, the most I’ve had in weeks. Now I feel great. Today I’m cleaning up my room (left it a mess when I left for Liverpool hehe) and then I’m going to reunite myself with a beautiful thing called the PS2, and then on Monday I’m finally going to get my PSP fixed!!! (I hope!)

Right, I think that’s all for now, so I should go. The sooner I get cleaning the sooner I can play! :D

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