Sunday, 25 December 2011

The Birthday Post

So I didn’t get the chance to post this yesterday because I wanted to wait until I got home but didn’t have the chance until half twelve and then I wanted to sleep, after a nice long phone call from a certain person.

So anyway, my birthday, did not get a lot of presents this year but what I did get I liked. My parents got me a pack of chocolate, my friend gave me 2 games, some Pocky, a Starbucks drink and a McDonalds happy meal. Oh, and I got myself two games, I’m counting Final Fantasy VII and VIII as birthday presents to myself as more justification for getting them. I did the same for Christmas.

My Presents :)

I spent the first half of my birthday lazing around and watching TV and then playing games and the second half out with my friend. It was pretty fun and of course nothing beats spending an hour in my favourite shop and talking about all the crazy things we talk about. It didn’t really feel like my birthday though, apart from the two dozen messages about it on Facebook hehe.

So… I’m 19 now… and it doesn’t feel like it. There’s no difference… ah well.

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