Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Forest - Haiku task for Uni

(Note: This was written on the creative writing residential to Wales. We were supposed to write a haiku based on each of the senses but I think mine works best as a full poem. Extra note: I am not usually a poet. Also, the haiku structure is not followed properly... I did occasionally forget the number thing is syllables and not words.)

Birdsong fills the air
An orchestra of pure life
Twigs snap beneath feet

Scent of sweet earth
Aroma of plants all round
Tranquility here

Forest surrounds, nature
Mother's most precious gift
Green, the colour of peace

Bugs and brances nip skin
I must taste so sweet to them
Bitter earth on my tongue

Feeling so peaceful
Air, soft touches on my skin
Pain shoots through my flesh

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