Wednesday, 14 December 2011

My Microwave Pizza Addiction (Uni Task)

Microwave pizza, a current addiction of mine, a good thing it is a simple meal and
inexpensive. It will never be as good as take away pizza but is still a delicious and satisfying food.

Sometimes while eating it I have lovely memories of my mother making it for me as a child, and eating it I always so comfortable and content. She only allowed me one at a time back then, the other to be saved for another time. Now I make both for a meal, I can’t resist it.

I usually eat them for dinner in the late afternoon or evening, whilst watching something on my laptop, although I’ve eaten it in the morning before. Cold pizza is my favourite breakfast but I’ve never tried this cold - perhaps in the future.

Since I’ve eaten it as a child I’ve noticed changes in the pizza over time, I’m certain I’ve always been eating the same brand, Chicago Town, in fact I don’t think I’ve seen another brand of microwave pizza before. I can’t fully remember any changes in taste now, but I remember the pepperoni used to be square and now it’s round. The only thing I’ve really changed is the flavour I buy. Before it always had to be pepperoni, but now that I’ve found a place that does a meat combo flavour, it’s the only one that will do.

I’ve recently taken to eating them with my hands rather than a knife and fork. I’ve also started eating them one at a time rather than cooking both at once because of the way I make them now, without keeping it on the round paper thing it comes with it. That means I leave it on the plate I cook it on rather than transfer to another. I think it is this that changes the texture of the base. It’s so much softer now, and moist to the point it almost melts against my tongue. I prefer it to the usual crunchy texture. The layer of tomato sauce is creamy as is the cheese on top which often comes off in large amounts when I pull some off. The meat is salty, though not too much so, and slightly spicy as well. I often collect pieces of meat and put them in my mouth together, pressing them against the roof of my mouth with my tongue and enjoying the strong taste before chewing on it which seems to create an even stronger taste.

In total, it is a delicious and highly enjoyable meal and since moving to Liverpool it has quickly become one of my favourites.

(Yep, another write about a food you love task... I'm really liking these... It was originally typed up as one whole body of writing, it didn't look so blocky because of the way we have to present it with double spacing, so I've attempted to add paragraphs here... I only say that because it doesn't look so great to me like this... but I am happy about how the piece came out, I got some really positive feedback on it too.

P.S. It's even better at the moment because the boxes come with codes to get free stuff when you collect enough...)

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