Sunday, 14 October 2012

World Zombie Day

So yesterday was World Zombie Day, the time of year zombies swarm the treets in search of yummy human flesh. The day where, if real zombies were to arise, no one would even realise until it was too late.

So for anyone reading this who may not know, this is the day that people dress as zombies, for charity! It's actually a pub crawl but I was too poor for the drinking part this year. Luckily, the drink isn't necessary to have fun. So as the name says, it happens all over the world. I was at the one in London.

This was zombie me. Very far from the great looking zombies that were there. I was better than it show in the picture. I had an old t-shirt that was already covered in rips and added some fake blood (it showed off quite a bit of side boob and stomach) and had bloody scratch marks on my skin where the largest rip was. I got a pair of jeans that I don't wear anymore anyway because the zip broke and added some rips and blood. My hoodie got the blood on it just from the way I was touching it after covering my hands in blood. I had a lot of blood on my arms, face and neck. I tried to mess up my hair and use make up to make my skin more pale but both seemed to fail. I also had dark circles around my eye. And someone gave me a plastic thumb!
I will be a much better looking zombie next year. I'm already thinking about ideas.

The day itself was a lot of fun. It started by meeting up with a couple of friends and then going to the meet point for the zombies. A friend and I spent the first hour or so growling at normal people and chasing little children (I did immediately leave the ones that seemed scared, I'm not evil). We also had lots of funny moments with other zombies and zombie hunters.

We then started moving through the city and at one stop met up with some other friends and had a great time standing/sitting around talking and surrounded by zombies. It was also the meet for our KH RP group.

I had to leave earlier than my friends because I had some stuff I had to do at home but it was a really great day. Again, I'm looking forward to next year.

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