Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I Made a Sandal! - Cosplay Update

It is 10 days before Expo. Nearly a week.
Let's see how far I've come:

  • All clothes sorted, if slightly inaccurate. But I don't plan to take my coat off so that's fine.
  • It's been 3 weeks since I ordered my wig and it hasn't even been sent yet. I've accepted I won't have it in time and as I'm low on money have decided to do it with my own hair without dying it (I really don't want to dye it). Again, inaccurate, but better than nothing.
  • Still need to make the shoes and figure out how to do my hands.
  • Bought some weapons from Tokyo Toys.

  • A friend has said I may be able to borrow his book.
  • Still need to find some cheap black boots somewhere.

  • All clothes sorted. Wig has arrived and is perfect.
  • Started making my sandals. The firt came out good but not great. I know what went wrong though and I think I can fix it without taking the whole thing apart. The second will be done the Thursday before expo. I'm sure I'll have them done in time.

(The sandal so far.)

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  1. Ooh, congrats, best of luck!

    My only 'cosplay' outfit is a Simon Tam-style suit that I put together from pieces I found with a friend in thrift stores. Still very fun to dress up for expos and charity screenings!

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