Friday, 5 October 2012

Pinkie Pie Cupcakes Cosplay Part 2

 A couple of weeks ago I was looking through some pictures on my laptop and found the sketches for the Pinkie Pie cosplay I had planned. It occured to me that I never did get around to posing them online despite having an actual post about the cosplay. It was off of my list for a while for reasons I can't quite remember but it's recently been put back on, though I'm not sure when I'll do it, perhaps next Halloween.

I've learnt quite a bit since first planning this so there are changes to my original plans but I'll show the sketches as they were originally drawn:

The Dress

Most of this plan is still the same, assuming I can aquire or make a base dress of my own, simply because it seems easier than just sewing the top fabrics together. I might make the cutie marks out of felt or some other fabric and make them match ones from actual drawings or represent actual ponies from the show.


Wire may still be needed but I've seen tutorials suggesting other things for the actual base. I'm not sure which I'll use yet. The rest is pretty much the same. I think I still need to find a better way of holding them on. I'll be doing a different cosplay requiring wings before then so I'm sure I'll learn from that. I may even just make them plushie style as it may be lighter and easier to keep together considering I need so many of them.

The Hat

Okay, this wasn't part of the original costume but I thought it would make a nice addition. After reading the cupcakes story again I at least know what colours it needs to be now. I'm still not completely sure how to make it. Likely foam or paper mache or something of the sort.

Other Stuff

I'm not going to try to make hooves anymore, most people who cosplay the ponies don't so neither shall I. Saves some of the work and will be a lot easier. The other bits I'm keeping, I just need to decide how to do them still, I don't think the ideas I have down for either will work. I'll have a real hacksaw by then but I doubt I'd be allowed to carry it around. The tail I'll probably do a plushie type like I mentioned before. And of course I'll have a wig, as well as lots of blood and cupcakes.

That's basically it. I probably won't think too much more on it until I'm ready to do the cosplay, but I thought it would be nice to share since the original post about this cosplay is my second most popular post.

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