Saturday, 6 October 2012

My NaNo Survival Kit

This is a popular thread on the NaNoWriMo forums, basically a list of the things you'll need for getting through NaNo. Since I want to keep updated here with my progress I thought it would be good to post mine here too.

My laptop and charger
The internet - the following tabs should be on at all times: facebook, youtube or other viewing site, one google tab for research (more if required), another to keep up with emails/uni site/forums/etc, and one for any online thing I'm using to help with writing (at the moment I'm a fan of Written? Kitten!)
My phone and charger
Notebook and pens - for when I'm out or feel the need to write on paper
Paper/pencils/rubber/sharpner - drawing character/settig designs
Folder - to keep plans and such in
Dressing gown - pretty much wear it constantly while I'm in my room because it's comfy and warm
Motivational poster - Just because
Pepsi Max
Uni stuff, since I'll be doing that as well, keeping it all together
Books for inspiration

I think that's pretty much all I need.  All the important things anyway.

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