Thursday, 4 October 2012

3 Weeks to Expo - Cosplay Update


Ordered my wig but I'm really worried it isn't going to come in time. Not sure what I'll do if I don't have it by expo, will either have to pass on doing it or dye my hair and use that.
Still looking for suitable trousers.
Still need to figure out how to do my hands.
Need to make my shoes.


Still need to buy new boots.
One of my friends has said I can borrow the book from him so at least I'll have a 'weapon' for one of my cosplays.


Wig has arrived. It wasn't made as a character specific one but it's perfect.
Decided to make my own sandals. Ordered the materials and waiting for them to arrive. Going to start making them next week when I'm in London. I have my socks for it now too.

I’ll probably have pictures next week to show the progress I’ve made so far. I’m getting really excited about expo but, as I said, worried I won’t have everything in time. I’m actually looking forward to next year more in a way because I really want to make my own costumes. That’s why the most excitable part with these ones for me at the moment is the sandals, I just hope they turn out right.

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