Saturday, 31 March 2012

31/03 Weekly Update: Lights, London and Fanfiction

Anyone wanna share this with me?

What’s happened this week:

- The main light went out in my bedroom. It’s not a normal bulb so I couldn’t do it myself. It took maintenance 4 days to come and do it and the only source of light I had was the reading light above my bed. It doesn’t give out nearly as much light. Usually, I like switching to it occasionally because I like the effect of less light; it makes it feel like the room is lit with candles or a fireplace. However, I don’t like it as an only light source. One thing I noticed was that it was a lot harder for me to focus on assignments or other work-type things I wanted to do in less light.
- I have new stuff! I ordered a new t-shirt with a picture of Cloud (FF7) on it, but it hasn’t come yet. I also ordered sea salt ice cream and paopu fruit (Kingdom Hearts) plushies. They came yesterday and are going to be great props for my Zexion cosplay hehe (example above).
- Had my last lessons for the year. Now I just have to focus on finishing the assignments. I actually have a really good feeling about it. I’ve also done the online thing to make my decisions for next year’s modules official. Hopefully I’ll be able to do all the ones I want.

Plans for next week:

I’m going to London for a week, between the 4th and 11th of April. It’s gonna be so good to be back home. There’s a meet up for my Kingdom Hearts roleplay group on the 7th which should be a lot of fun. One of my friends is coming over the day before (and I’ll be staying at hers the day before that) and we should have a lot of fun. She’s going to make me watch Bleach (I’m letting her make me but yeah). Honestly, I’ve seen the first series before and wasn’t that into it (all I even remember is two of the main characters’ names, what they looked like, and the basic storyline…) but we’ll see what happens.
The day I get back I’m also going to go to Tokyo Toys to get a new plushie and then I’m going to this game night thing they’ve started doing where I live.

Script Frenzy starts tomorrow and I have given up on my script idea and I’ve decided to just write a story instead, and I’m not the only one. I already have an idea for it, it’s gonna be a fanfiction (of at least 100 pages so I can still win hehe), and it’s gonna be a Kingdom Hearts/Naruto crossover (well, it’s gonna be an Organization 13/Akatsuki crossover, just because I love when people stick those groups together) and there’s also gonna be a few thousand zombies, just because a month or so ago that’s all I seemed to be dreaming about.
I also have some new writing related goals but I won’t mention them just yet, I want to know that I can actually stick with them first.
Apparently it’s also National Poem Writing Month (I umm… looked up a bunch of monthly writing challenges kinda like NaNoWriMo)… I’m trying to give myself as many projects as possible apparently. This one will be good for my poetry assignment at least…

So... that's the update for now... hopefully I will stop failing with my blog posts now, get one (At least) up every day, may try to have another one for later.
I did have a sort of schedule for what kind of post to do on what day but now I'm thinking I'll just do whatever comes to me... just hopefully be good.

So, bye for now!
Stacey xXx

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