Saturday, 24 March 2012

Cosplay Plans for MCM Expo in May

So, MCM Expo is only a couple of months away and shockingly I haven’t even started getting to work on my costume yet. To be fair, I only have to buy simple things that should be quick and easy to get my hands on (and hopefully not too expensive). I’m not one of those super talented people who can make my own costumes (yet anyway… and possibly for always) and with this I don’t really need to so yeah.

So, for May I’m going to be going as Professor Hojo from Final Fantasy VII. Why, you ask?
1. It was one of my friends who suggested I do it. She said I’d be really good as him. I’m not sure if that was a complement or not, but I agree. I do have a mad scientist mode and I’ve RP’d as him before so I think I’ll get into character really well. Hehehe…
2. I love him. I know he’s an evil psycho who ruined the lives of all my other favourite FF7 characters… but I still think he’s pretty awesome. But then I usually think the evil psychos are awesome.

Now as for my costume plans… So far, I only have my wig, and that’s only because I got it from my friend for free. I don’t even have a hairband yet. Pretty sure he doesn’t use rubber bands for that purpose like I do… Also, the wig is very knotted. I did try brushing it; it would start to work only to get even more knotted than before. So I got my dad to agree to do it when I go back in April. When I was a little kid I wasn’t good at brushing my hair and it would get pretty bad, so he would have to deal with complicated knots like that, so I believe he can do it. My mum even said they’d get hair detangler for it, how nice!

Things I need/want to get:

Obviously, I need his entire outfit. Luckily, it’s nothing too complex, just basic shirt, trousers, tie (I hate ties!), shoes, and the most awesome part of all… lab coat!
I think that’s all he wears… I want to try to get these bits as accurate as I can. For that purpose and the fact no one will see this part, let’s assume he wears girl’s underwear. If you know who this guy is, I assume I’ve burnt your eyes out with that image. You’re welcome. I also don’t think I can get anything to hide my boobs before then so… that will be amusing if anyone points it out.

Okay, what lovely extras can I add? I’ve decided to have with me a bunch of ‘scientist stuff’, so I’m gonna get a couple of those pens that look like injections and act like they’re real, as well as a pack of test tubes that I’ll fill with either coloured water or some kind of coloured drink… I would have a gun or something too but… we’ll see about that one. Hmm… I’m sure I was going to have more than that but I can’t remember. Well, good enough for now.

Altogether I’m hoping I can get all this stuff for around £50 or less… I’m not sure how much money I’ll have for expo budget yet.

I said I’d do a bit about my plans for expo too but this post is gonna be getting long now and really I don’t have many plans yet. Just to hang around with a few friends, be completely crazy and maybe get some new stuff hehe… I’m sure there was more of a plan than that but again, I can’t remember.
So, I’ll wrap it up here… see ya tomorrow!

Stacey xXx

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