Saturday, 24 March 2012

Finishing University for the Year: 1st Year Review

So… the time is here! I’m about to finish university for the year! Well, technically. Classes are about to end, but there’s still deadlines. But I only have a couple of classes left. So… enter quick review of this year’s classes.

Introduction to Writing: Pretty good, can’t remember half of it properly right now. There were some interesting writing tasks, and some that I really didn’t like. And I can write for most prompts. Hehe. I don’t like that I was seriously offended a couple of times… but whatever. People aside, writing, the story/prose version of it, still better than the other two.

Introduction to Poetry: I like poetry, well some poetry. I am not a poet. I can write ‘poetic’ scenes/stories/whatever. I cannot write poetry. I hate trying to write poetry unless it happens to just come to me… yeah, just not my thing, I think the hardest of the three, not sure what that says about me. Best part was the dalek poem one of the guys wrote.

Introduction to Screenwriting: Umm… I don’t know what to say about this one. It was pretty good, I liked getting to watch stuff in class, seeing other people’s scripts (which sometimes made me sad it wasn’t a real movie), and the structure of a screenplay is easy to do, unlike the various structures of poetry…

Observation and Discovery: Trip to Wales and running around in the forest, awesome. Mostly about how to get story ideas from whatever’s around you at the time and using senses, pretty easy stuff and actually pretty fun too.

Consuming Passions: Easily the best of all the classes. Mythology, fairy tales, the underworld, and other such subjects all parts of this class. All things I’ve studied previously in great detail and found very easy to do as well as very fun.

Exploring Contemporary Arts: It was pretty fun going to different exhibits and stuff. Still not sure I’ve got the whole review thing right yet… but hopefully it’ll be fine in time for the deadline.

General likes: Getting to write all the time. And I suppose it’s been good to have to do different types of writing instead of just stories, although that’s still almost all I ever write for myself.

General dislikes: Really hate how low the word limits on assignments were. For me 1000 words is just not enough to ‘fully realise’ a setting or character and 2000 is not enough for a whole story. I think the shortest I’ve written outside of university work is between 3000 and 5000. And I think I mentioned in a previous blog post what else I don’t like. I also don't like that I didn't make as many friends as I thought I would, well I actually kinda did just not in Liverpool. I guess being a loner is still my thing.

Huh, I only intended this to be a short part of this post and I was going to talk about my plans for the next university year. I think I’ll do that separately now.

See you soon,
Stacey xXx

PS: This was my 50th post! ...I feel like it should have been something more special.

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