Saturday, 24 March 2012

Plans So Far: 2nd Year at Uni (mostly module choice)

So on Thursday we had a meeting about modules for next year. We don’t have any core modules, and we have to choose five (and can only choose five) modules to do. So after half an hour of thought I decided and I’ve also decided to share my choice (and the reasons).

Firstly, we have to choose two categories to specialise in out of prose fiction, poetry and screenwriting. I am (and this will be obvious if you happened to read the post this is continued from) giving up poetry. There are two modules for each of these categories and four other modules to choose from. It is recommended that you do both modules for the two subjects you specialise in. I’m not going to do that. Originally I wasn’t going to do any screenwriting modules, even though I didn’t like the idea, because I was more interested in the other modules. But then, for a few reasons I’ve chosen not to talk about on here, I decided to do one screenwriting module and one prose module. I don’t actually know much about what is included in those yet.

The other modules I’m doing and why I love them:

Fantastic Worlds – Even when I signed up for this course I knew I would be doing this. They said it was for people who want to write science fiction, fantasy and horror. Those are my top three genres (though not necessarily in that order). I also love mixing all three. It involves creating your own world, which is just amazing as well as something I’ve been trying to do for years. I also heard that the teacher takes the class sword fighting. How can I not do it now?

Approaching Your Novel - Since my main goal in writing is to write novels, I thought it was only right that I should do this one. I imagine this, like Fantastic Worlds, will be very enjoyable.

Independent Study in Creative Writing – Basically, we get to do whatever we want, create our own project. I just think it’s a good idea, so many opportunities, and it’ll be good learning to manage my own project and stuff for the future. And it doesn’t have any classes, hehe.

The fun thing is, except the independent study one, the modules all take place between September and January, so unless the timetable changes I won’t have any classes after January next year.
I plan to do really well next year.

Other plans I have for next year include continuing to go to the anime society (and not having to miss a bunch of meets after Christmas) and maybe make some more friends. Other than that just having fun and doing whatever I want. And having more money to spend since I shouldn’t have as many things I need to pay back or spend for important things next year. I might even be able to spend more time in London. That’d be fun.

So yeah, that’s my plans so far for university year 2, hopefully I get all the modules I want.

So yeah, bye for now.
Stacey xXx

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