Saturday, 24 March 2012

24/03 Weekly update: New Plans for this Blog

So last night I sat down and actually thought of (also) looked up on the internet and found) a whole bunch of fun blog topics for the future. My new plan, as it was in the past, is to finally be posting here regularly. The plan at the moment is to do at least one a day.
One of the things I’m going to do is an update each week on Saturday. Actually, it’s more like a journal post. It goes back to one of my old modules where they said we should be keeping journals. I’ve tried to do that a lot even before that module but it never really worked out. I think this blog helps me with that so I’ve decided to do a journal type post every Saturday basically summarising the week and any interesting things that happened, plans I have for the next week, etc. Of course, since I already did an update post yesterday, I don’t need to do as much in this one.


Plans for the week:

- Go to the storage place and see if I can book storage for April now
- Do my last lessons for 1st year, celebrate that it’s over
- Try to finalise a plan for working on my assignments over the next month
- Try to start reading ‘No Sanctuary’ again (nothing wrong with the book, just haven’t been making time for it)
- Have fun… play lots of games, read lots of fun stuff, etc. (not going to use this as a plan again because this one is every week)

Hmm… what else can I do in a journal post? I’ll figure that one out properly for next week too. I guess, things I’m feeling, things I’ve learned, ideas I’ve had… but I’ll try to find a good way to put it. I guess I could put a list of blogs I plan to post during the next week, although there is a chance of them changing. What the hell, I’ll go ahead and do it:

Saturday: Cosplay plans for May Expo (with a little bit about plans for May Expo in general)
Sunday: My favourite quotes from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (just so I have somewhere to say them all)
Monday: A tour of where I live, yay. (aka a look into my madness part 1)
Tuesday: Things I keep in my bag. (a look into my madness part 2)
Wednesday: List of my favourite websites
Thursday: List of my favourite youtubers
Friday: My thoughts on the Two and a Half Men Charlie Sheen vs. Ashton Kutcher debate

As you can see I’m going to be doing a few different things on here now, aside from my usual just talking about my life, including lists, quotes, things related to games and shows I like, etc. Hopefully it will be a lot of fun.

Okay, so that’s it for the moment, as it says, there’s going to be another post up later.
Bye for now

Stacey xXx

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