Wednesday, 28 March 2012

My 9 Favourite Youtubers

I can't believe I didn't post anything yesterday, especially since I just remembred this morning I already had a post ready to go for it. So I'll just post two today.

Perhaps continuing a bit from Monday’s topic, today I’m going to list my favourite youtubers. I recommend them to anyone who hasn’t seen them yet. There’s probably a few more not on this list that I quite like but this is going to be out of the ones I’m subscribed to. I have a few of those but these are the ones I really, really like… this time in alphabetical order (because that’s how the list works on youtube and because I don’t actually want to try to get them into an actual favourite order).

1. collegehumor – I forgot to add these guys to my list of websites yesterday, but their website is great too and gets videos weeks before they upload them to the youtube channel. I sound like their ads now. Anyway they have some really funny stuff. They also have a few actual series’, my favourites being ‘Jake and Amir’ and ‘Hardly Working’, which update pretty regularly too so it makes me happy.

2. Epic Meal Time – I was introduced to this one in anime society. It’s not the best in my opinion but it is pretty cool. The food they make always makes me hungry, well almost always. A lot of people seem to get disgusted by it though… that to me makes it more funny.

3. FLuffeeTalks – This guy is just made of awesome. He basically takes weird or funny news stories (that I never would of heard of otherwise) and makes them even more funny.

4. gothlyfeshow – This is the channel for an animated webseries called Goth Lyfe, I found it a few years ago and it is really funny and awesome. The only sad thing is it takes a long time for new episodes to come out. I am going to do a favourite quotes post for this show at some point.

5. ImprovEverywhere – They have some really good videos. It’s basically what it says in the name, just really random stuff in public without the public’s knowledge, it’s really funny. Their musical ones are the best.

6. makemebad35 – Another awesome person with random funny videos. Some of the older videos are some of the most hilarious I’ve seen, not that the newer ones aren’t insanely funny too.

7. Marble Hornets – Another series, this one gets pretty creepy at times and I really love the storyline. And it’s based on slender man, which makes it even better, hehe.

8. MrCreepyPasta – This guy is awesome, he does really great readings of creepypastas. Uploads pretty often too and always makes me happy when I see a new video. He’s done some of my favourite creepypastas too, which are brilliant, hopefully he does more of my favourites in the future, I’ll be even more happy…

9. ShaneDawsonTV – Another awesome guy, and his other two channels are great too (I just didn’t wanna list them here because I didn’t see the point having three things for the same youtuber…). Again, really awesome and usually really funny vids too, and new videos every day.

Youtube, for me its main functions are music, comedy and fear. Occassionally with some other bits thrown in too.

Stacey xXx

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