Friday, 2 March 2012

I can has procrastination medal now?

Yup, all day I've been procrastinating. Even right now, while I'm writing this. This is my new procrastination method.

Of course, I'm going to be quite busy tomorrow, getting up and ready and eating and getting money out and buying food for the trip, then going to class hoping it finishes on time, then getting back as soon as I can, grabbing my suitcase (and ticket hopefully) and getting as soon as possible to the coach stop. So there really won't be time to do this then.

What I have to do right now is pack the stuff I need to take tomorrow. Because my other bag is used for uni stuff also, I need to have the stuff I'll be replacing it with for the trip organised and waiting for me.

But wait, there's more! Accommodation just sprung room inspections on us. Seriously, the message didn't come until between 6:30 and 9pm (I was out so I don't know exactly when it appeared but that still seems late in the day). Okay, our block's being done Tuesday, most people have the weekend. I'm going to be gone until nearly 11pm Monday night. Which means I have to get this place cleaned now. The floor is mostly cleared because I had already started cleaning but now it's essential.

So yeah, here's my post about how I'm procrastinating simply so I can do so for a little longer. I should go now. Watching new stuff is so distracting so I'm gonna stick on Snakes on a Plane, my current obsession and 'watch this while I do stuff' film, then maybe Final Fantasy Advent Children if I'm really working for that long, and try to get it done now.

Stacey xXx

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