Monday, 30 April 2012

Home for the Summer! - An Update

Hi there! Once again, it’s been a while since my last post. I have a good reason this time, I’ve been avoiding most of the things I love for the last month to work on my university assignments. But now they’re all over and I’m home for the summer! Well, I got home on the 24th actually. Crazy story involved there, but I’ll bring that up in another post soon. I’m actually writing this now because I’ve been meaning to for days and just wanted to finally start posting here again. Once again, and permanently this time, posts are going to be (at least) once a day.

 So since I’ve been home I’ve been shopping to buy a summer’s worth of food (well not quite, but we’ll see how it goes). I got a new plushie. I tried looking for a job, got rejected for one already, wasn’t even considered by another. Got an interview at the job centre tomorrow to see if I qualify just for the summer, apparently it’s possible so we’ll see. I’ve been cleaning my room again, it’s half done now. My bed isn’t against the wall anymore and seems smaller. I’m scared that I’m going to fall out. I’ve been watching a lot of Bleach and Naruto with my dad. We get through entire seasons in a day… then again I suppose I can do that alone too. Oh yeah, and he vacuumed my room for me earlier and broke the wire for my wii sensor, even though I’d moved it out of the way. But it’s okay because my parents are going to replace it. They’re cheap anyway. Speaking of buying stuff, I’ve finally ordered all the things I need for my cosplay for May expo. They should be arriving any time between now and Friday. I’ve been developing this storyline I’ve had since last year more. I keep trying to decide what to do it as and I’ve finally decided to make it as a web comic. So… that’s what I’ve done so far.

 Now, plans for the summer:

1. Work, hopefully. I need some form of work history for my CV. I also need money, what I have from the last lot of student finance won’t last until September.
2. Expo! Obviously.
3. Play more games, watch more anime, so obsessed with both at the moment. Can’t wait for the new Kingdom Hearts game to come out on the 20th of July. And I’ve pre-ordered the new Bleach movie…
4. Try to go to as many of my KH roleplay group’s meets as possible – harder with a lack of funds and not knowing what’s going to happen but… I’ll try. Since it’s the only time of month I can usually see these people and I really like them. If I get a job it will be great. If not but I can get JSA I’ll be able to stop worrying too. I hope for a job though.
5. Continue to write blog posts every day, I have a lot of ideas for some new varieties of posts.
6. Keep writing stories too, of course.
I thought I had more plans than that… I need more plans than that.

 Anyway, this hasn’t been a particularly spectacular update but again, it was more to finally get started again and explain on here why it’s been so long since the last post. More will join it tomorrow, hopefully more interesting ones too. So bye for now.

 Stacey xXx

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