Monday, 26 March 2012

My 15 Favourite Websites

Okay so this isn’t the original post I intended for today but it was supposed to be partly a picture post and the light in my room has been out for three days, maintenance taking their sweet time to get here (it’s not a normal light bulb so I couldn’t do it myself) so I decided to instead post something I had written for later this week so I don’t miss a day.

I thought an interesting, well sort of interesting, topic would be some of my favourite websites, or ones that I go on every or almost every day, not only getting to talk about what I like about them, but giving them some promotion, though most of them are really big already so they don’t need anything like that. So in no specific order, well the ones I know are really well known will be first.

1. Google. Yeah, it’s a pretty obvious one… best place to find stuff. Most of the time anyway. My homepage. I like Google, and I love the little images and stuff it does with its name, especially when they’re interactive.

2. Facebook. Another obvious one. I have it on most of the time even when I’m not actually using it just in case anything interesting comes up. Just a good way to be able to talk to friends and keep up with group stuff. Because my phone does not have enough minutes for that. And typing is better. I just like it a lot for all the usual reasons. I don’t like when it doesn’t send my messages, how often it seems to go bad, but whatever, free service.

3. Youtube. Of course, I don’t think I really need to go into details on that. Best place to listen to music and watch certain things. I have an account on it, nothing that good at the moment. I have new ideas for better videos but I don’t have a camera that works properly now. I hope to get one soon.

4. BBC iPlayer. I don’t have any channels on my TV (except my game one) and I avoid the one in the shared area, it’s in use most of the time anyway, so I watch things on this website pretty much every day. They tend to have some pretty good films most of the time and some great comedy shows and Doctor Who.
5. Watchseries. For the same reason as the above. I can find almost any series I want to watch on here and unlike most websites of its type there’s always a couple of links that work.

6. Yahoo Answers. I actually find it quite amusing answering questions on here. I mostly just look up questions for things that interest me at the time. Get pretty good answers for most of the questions I ask too.

7. DeviantArt. There’s just some really good stuff on there and I find it really fun looking up art for things I’m interested in and occasionally have found some pretty good webcomics on there too.

8. Blogger. I almost didn’t include this site, until I remembered why I’m writing this list to begin with. I like this site.

9. Amazon. A good, cheap online shop that’s always worked pretty well for me. And generally add here my other favourite shopping websites – HMV, CEX, etx… but amazon is my most visited.

10. Wikipedia. I know they say you can’t believe everything you read on there but it does have some good information. It’s good for looking up things like TV shows, games, and any random events I happen to hear about and want more information on. It’s almost always the first place I look when I want information on it just because it’s so easy.

11. Nanowrimo. I just love nanowrimo and I love hanging around the site because I always find interesting things on there. If you don’t know nanowrimo is basically writing a 50,000 word novel in 30 days during September, but the site is open all year, even if it does become less active at times. They also have a summer version. Script Frenzy is also good, it’s the same thing but writing a script in April.

12. Creepypasta wiki. I love this site so much! I’m in the process of reading through every story on there. A few of the stories are really scary and it’s the only thing that really still scares me anymore. There are also some that I don’t really find scary but I like because they’re interesting and well written. Of course, there are also ones that aren’t that good or well written but that’s not a massive part of the site. They have images and stuff too, none of them have really scared me yet but they are interesting.

13. Gunnerkrigg Court. Webcomic, a really good one too. I always make sure I check it when it’s due to be updated.

14. Surlyqueen. Pretty much same as above, but this one has two webcomics, also both really good. I recommend all three webcomics to anyone interested in that kind of thing, just check them out.

15. Yeah, I like fanfiction, and this seems to be one of the best websites for the ones I like. This is without talking about the more umm… sexual type websites for this kind of thing, because I try to keep the porn off of this blog. For now anyway.

So there it is, my 15 favourite websites. Hope you liked the list. And if you’ve read this far and feel like commenting, why not tell me your favourite websites? I’m always looking for more to do anyway.

Stacey xXx

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