Thursday, 25 August 2011

A Pretty Kitty and an Awesome Song!

As I sit here writing the first part of this post, I’m sitting in the bank waiting for the guy to come back, but I’ll get to that in a minute.
I want to tell you about something that happened on my way to the bank, though it may seem a tad insignificant. Around the area I live, there are a lot of cats. Most of them are strays. Most of them are friendly and whenever I see one I stop to speak to it and pet it. Of all the cats I know around here, there are only two that won’t let me do this.
Anyway, so on the way to the bank today I met a new cat. This one has owners, I can tell by the bright red collar. I will refer to the cat as ‘she’ because she seems more feminine to me, though I could be wrong. She’s very fluffy and I have to say has one of the prettiest coats I’ve ever seen on a cat. I wish I’d taken a photo and if I see her again I shall. I approached her as I normally do a cat (by kneeling down and making those noises, whatever you call them). She seemed happy enough to come over to sniff my hand and let me stroke her. Anyway, I know that doesn’t seem like a big deal but it was a very cute experience for me and well, those are the wonderful things, aren’t they? Those small moments in life without a lot of meaning yet they still light up your day.

As I write the rest of this post, the trip to the bank is done and I’m at home, and in fact it is the next evening. I meant to finish this post for yesterday but didn’t get around to it. Before I talk about what I’ve been doing in terms of progress, I want to talk about something else I find fun.
Attempting to get the exercise I need, I’ve been running every morning and evening, when it’s darker because I don’t like a lot of people watching me exercise, hehe. Anyway, I finally found the perfect song to run to. It’s called One Winged Angel; if you’re a fan of Final Fantasy 7 you probably already know it, Sephiroth’s theme song lol. It’s an amazing song to run to especially when it’s through earphones so it’s nice and clear and when it’s dark because it creates this effect (for me anyway) that makes me feel partly like I’m running away from some powerful creature and partly like I’m running toward some awesome goal. So yeah, it helps a lot. I just need to learn to dress suitably for it.

Okay then, progress report. I had my bank account changed to a student account; it took forever to get that sorted out in the bank because the system wasn’t working properly (as usual). I emailed accommodation but found out they’re not going to be sorted out until the end of next week. I need to email student finances tomorrow to ask why they haven’t got back to me yet. I also need to get a piece of information from them I need for the online enrolment form for uni. My mum also ordered a new 4GB camera memory card as a gift to me. So I’ve made quite a bit of progress in the last couple of days.

My writer’s block has also been cured and I’m writing a lot of short stories, I also have much more developed plans for my novel now and I’m going to start writing bits of it tonight. I have a strange way of planning and writing it that I’ll describe in my next post. I’d better go now because I’m trying to do something with a friend, it’s this project we have, really fun.

Also, I have the house to myself all day tomorrow, this is going to be good, and I’m sure to have some more fun times to share.
Until then!


  1. Can you post some of your short stories that you spoke about in this blog?

  2. How lovely the site decided to take 3 days to tell me I had this comment. Anyway, yes I can. I'll put a few of them up tomorrow. :)