Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Strange Dreams

I thought I would share some of the fun dreams I’ve had. Actually, these are the only ones I have recorded (except 1) because I’m bad at remembering to write my dreams down. I think this is going to be another two-parter. Most of the dreams I mention here I love because they are the kind that seem more like movies. All the things written here were written at different times so the writing styles may not be consistent.

I think I know where it came from, a cross between reading Darren Shan's Demonata series (mainly Slawter which I just finished today), watching a lot of movies, talking to a good friend about making movies, etc.

Anyway, it started off going to a cinema with two other friends. It almost seems like this wasn't part of the same dream but it was. Anyway, one friend sat next to me, another sat in front of me, and in front of her was a character from one of my own stories. Then, next to the one who sat in front of me was this guy who looked like the Joker from the Dark Night. Now, this girl as far as I know is not slutty or anything but she starts hugging him and kissing him and stuff, and she thought he was the real actor and I was sitting there thinking 'isn't he dead?' Then when she was done making out with him he actually said he was dressing up as this guy (lol).

Anyway, the movie had a lot of demons killing people and stuff. And then later I was in this office type room with another friend and a apparently we had made the movie together and there were these guys from the 'movie industry' talking to us about it. Then they revealed that they knew the demons in the film were real. (Yeah, this is where the Darren Shan part comes in, if you've read Slawter, you'll understand). Except, me and my friend were actually the good guys and there were two characters from that series who were evil people in my dream. Anyway, as they were talking to us two characters from the film (a werewolf and a vampire) became real (there were props of them in the room).

Then I don't know what happened to the characters but me, my friend and a couple of others involved with the movie were being chased through the building by the other guys. I don't think they were gonna kill us but they were gonna torture us and some bad things would happen if they caught us, not sure on the details. We actually got on the elevator and just about got ahead of our enemies with them on the stairs. We got off on one level and the others had fallen behind me but I thought if I could get to safety they could catch up or I could save them later, better than us all being caught. The level I was on led me out of a door and there was a rocky mountain type area. Basically, the surface spread around the area, there was a very narrow part with no ground beneath that led to the part a helicopter was on, then there was a very high drop (definitely terminal velocity) then there was another mountain beyond that. I didn't know how to pilot a helicopter but thought I could figure it out when I got there. I just started running and got over the dangerous part but then slipped through a hole where the helicopter was but managed to grab the step and pull myself up. I climbed in the helicopter and looked back. The enemies were just leaving the building so I'd have time if I was quick.

That's when I woke up. Figures, right at the most exciting part.

I was at university and had to move into one of these dorm type things and 5 people had to share a room the size of mine maybe a tad bigger which is insane to begin with. So anyway, there was me, another girl and 3 guys. The guys, especially two of them, sort of singled me out to have a go at and try to make life hell for but the girl turned out to be really cool. Anyway so it started with me first going there and seeing my room then the worst 2 guys came in and had a go at me (not saying it was discrimination but I thought it was either because I was the only girl or the only white person there at the time, not sure) and then I met the girl and we started talking about music then laughed at some of the enrolling people because they waited outside the uni for about an hour when they were meant to go in lol. So then I had my first day of lessons which was uneventful and afterwards I went back to my room and everything had been moved around, including my stuff and I thought someone had come in and been messing around so I put everything back. Then the guys came back and were asking what happened because they had moved everything around and a part of me was terrified they’d find out it was me and get even worse but on the other hand I was pissed because you’re not meant to do that without everyone in the room knowing and a majority vote. (Then there was this weird side story in the dream where my dad called me home to decorate the new bathroom which was magically bigger than the one we have...guess they extended it into my room lol.) Right so then (and this is weird because the bottom of the dorm looked almost exactly like my house) we were in the living room section of the dorm it was me, the girl and a random teacher and this strange guy who wasn’t even from the uni came in. He looked really drunk but the way he looked at us and acted and stuff I think he was mentally retarded (not trying to be offensive I mean he actually was, but anyway...) So the teacher tried to get him to leave but then he came afterwards and I ended up grabbing the girl and pushing her up the stairs, trying to protect her but then the guy grabbed me and I turned around and his face was right in front of mine giving this pervy smile so I started hitting and kicking him in the face and he stumbled back so I tried to turn over and get up and away but I got up, turned back to face him and he was right next to me again... and then I woke up...

Okay, it’s getting pretty long now so I’ll finish this in the next post. Until then!

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