Thursday, 20 October 2011

Liverpool, Anime and the Beach

It’s been so long since my last post! I’ve just had a lot to do what with moving to university and getting started on my course, which is a shame because I’ve got so much to talk about! I’ll just do a quick summary of everything that’s been going on.

Liverpool is a pretty cool place to live though personally I still prefer London. The shopping centres and such are amazing but I do wish I could find more anime and video game merchandise. My course is going really well, I’ve done a few small assignments already and apparently they were all good. I still don’t have my money from student finances so that should be coming soon.

I’ve joined the anime society here and it’s really amazing. Most of it is just sitting around watching anime but that’s just awesome anyway and there’s a great social side to it too, so much better than watching in my room alone. There are some really cool people in it. It’s tonight actually, and today is movie night. Hooray! On Saturday a group of us from the society went to laser quest in New Brighton, that’s how I found out the beach is such a short, cheap distance from where I live! I really want to go back... the beach kind of reminded me of Kingdom Hearts in a way, I know that doesn’t make a lot of sense but I am obsessive hehe.

Most excitingly, the MCM Expo is getting really close! I’m going back to London for it so I can be with my friends too, luckily my parents were okay with it (as was what little finance I have left right now). I’m cosplaying as Zexion from Kingdom Hearts so I’m even more excited about that. I finally get to wear my Organisation 13 cloak as part of a costume and not just as an everyday coat. I’m in love with my wig even though I’ve yet to get it on properly. I’ve made my Lexicon and it looks amazing. Now I just need to get the boots, alter them so they look right, and get some gloves and I’m pretty much done. I’m really looking forward to going to Expo again, it’s so exciting!

November’s coming up to, I can’t wait for my Wales trip at the beginning of it, and apparently it’s a really important part of our course. And I’m planning on taking part in the national novel writing month this year, I think they’re doing something for it at my uni. I was planning on doing it anyway, simply because it’s an excuse to finally start my novel hehe.

Okay, I think that’s enough update for now... I probably haven’t done this very well but oh well, it’s great to be back.

See you later!

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