Monday, 22 August 2011

Moving to University: The Plan

I’ve decided to make a post about the things I have to do before and when I move to university, partly because I think it will be fun to share and partly so that I have somewhere to put the list (so I don’t lose it).

Things to do before I go to university

- Contact the accommodation people
Originally I sorted this out back in April but it’s said the booking is delayed ever since and I’m starting to get concerned since I need to move in less than three weeks from now. I plan to do that tomorrow.

- Contact student finances
Again, I applied a while ago and sent the last form a few weeks ago and there has been no response yet. I plan to contact them by the end of the week if I have heard nothing.

- Change bank account to student account
This will happen at some point within the next couple of days, particularly as I’ll have to then wait for a new card to arrive. While at the shopping centre (where my bank is) I also need to get some pictures done for the enrolment form I need to send my university.

- Go to the doctor
I’ve already had one appointment today and I need to go back on the 2nd. I found out I’m up to date with my injections though, which is good.

- Enrolment stuff
I need to finish the online enrolment form as well as send in the paper one. I should get that finished as soon as possible.

- Join student site
How could I resist the opportunity to get to know other people from my university before we even get there? Well, the site is meant to start today (so it said on the letter they sent me) so I should get an invite soon. I’m really looking forward to it.

- Get new memory card for camera
Mine’s been dead for a while, I’ve been using my friend’s but obviously I’ll have to give it back before I go. I want to get it before I move so I can record parts of the trip.

- Buy train ticket
I should probably do it this week before the price gets any higher. I should just feel lucky that it’s cheaper for me this time because it’s only one way.

- Get new bag
My old one is falling apart and it’s already been stitched back together too many times for that to work again.

- Pack stuff
Yeah, this one’s pretty much a no-brainer, wouldn’t you say?

Things to do when I arrive in Liverpool

- Move into flat
Captain Obvious strikes again.

- Buy stuff needed for flat & new clothes
I’m doing it after I move to save packing space.

- Look around city
I’m moving in earlier specifically so that I have time to look around the city. I have a number of animal-like tendencies and one of them is to fully study new territory and create a mental map of the area so that I know the general location of everything and can get around as I normally travel by foot.

- Register at the doctor’s
I need to do that within the first few days of moving, in case I need a doctor in the three years I’m in Liverpool.

- Meet new people
In other words, people in the same building as me, people on my course, general people from the university and even non-university people, anyone really.


Move in – 10th September
Although this is when my contract starts, the university advises waiting until the 17th because that’s when most people move in. I would prefer to go earlier when there are fewer people, mainly because I think it will help me settle in better and will give me more time as I mentioned before to look around the area.

Induction day – 21st September
I have three different things to go to on this day, it sounds like it’s going to be really busy.

Enrolment – 23rd September
This is going to be the fun day when I really become an official university student. It’s a month away but I’m sure with everything going on it will come pretty quickly.

Classes Start – 26th September
And of course, I am definitely looking forward to this.

Then there’s just the welcome week stuff where all these activities take place and you join the extra stuff like clubs and whatever and the papers said something about free stuff so that is definitely something I want to be a part of.

So yeah, that’s all my plans for now! Ah, I get more excited by the day but these complications with accommodation and finance, I must admit worry me a little.

Well I’ll end it here. See you later!

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