Tuesday, 16 August 2011

My Memory Box

There are a lot of things that remain important to me, even after they are no longer useful. It is because of the memories and emotions attached to them. Actually, to be fair, I do not have a memory box at the moment. It is in fact a shelf that I keep these things on. However, as I hope to go to university soon, I am also hoping that I will soon get some kind of box I can contain them in.
Anyway, I thought it might be fun to go over what I have here (I’ve put it in two parts so it this post doesn’t get too long):

Wrist bands:

Elliot Minor – Zavvi
Does anyone actually remember Zavvi? It was a chain of stores that is no longer around and it used to be Virgin Megastore. Anyway, I think this was one of the first times I saw Elliot Minor due to a number of bad experiences that had prevented me from seeing them in the past. This one I seem to remember as an in-store acoustic show and signing. It was pretty fun but the view was terrible even though I was at the front and I was squished into a corner. Ah well, it was still a good time.

Lostprophets – 02 Academy Brixton
This is my favourite of the wrist band section since it is the only one I can wear again. I got it waiting outside for the gig to start and due to the way it has been made, I can put it on and take it off without breaking it. I love it.

MCM Expo London – 28th May
I wanted to go to the MCM expo for years before I finally got to go this year. It was more amazing than I imagined.

Train Tickets

Guildford – 21 December 2009
This was from when I went with to see one of my favourite bands at the time, Lets Talk Tactics. It was an amazing night even though the snow made the trains stop so we couldn’t get home that night. We went back to the pub the show was in and the guy there let us sleep in the bedroom above it for the night! It was such an adventure for me, I felt like a real traveller (even though I do like to consider myself a real traveller).

Norwich – 10 January 2010
This was from the time I went to see one of my long distance friends for his birthday. It was a really fun weekend and I had a great time. There were some problems though, again there was a lot of snow (which was fun) and at one point I slipped. My ankle was injured and swelled up so bad you couldn’t even tell there was an ankle there! I actually spent half the weekend thinking it was broken. There was also a point where my syndrome started playing up during the party, which was not a good experience. It also made me feel like I was being a bad friend because it was my friend’s birthday and I couldn’t take part as much as I wanted to. After it settled down though I was fine and aside from those little problems the whole weekend was great.

Cinema Tickets:

The Wolfman – 15/02/10
Alice In Wonderland – 20/03/10
(There’s nothing I can say here except that I absolutely love this movie, Tim Burton, and Johnny Depp.)
Black Death – 12/06/10 – screen 13
Toy Story 3 – 31/07/10
(Amazing movie, enough said. A lot of people mentioned how they cried during the movie; I cried twice.)
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – 20/06/11
(I love the PotC series, and I believe I’ve already mentioned my love of Johnny Depp?)

Other Tickets

London Philharmonic Orchestra – 12 February 2008
This was a school trip and if I’m being honest it wasn’t the best orchestra stuff I’ve ever heard, but it was okay and overall it was a nice trip.

Globe Theatre – Hamlet – 20 March 2008
My drama class was in this. It was made up of a number of schools and each group did a different part of the play. We got the scene with the play, it was fun. It was amazing being on stage in the Globe Theatre, performing in front of a hundred or so people. I just wish I’d had a bigger part!

Well, it’s already getting a bit long so I’ll continue this in the next part. Hope my reminiscing isn’t boring you yet!

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