Saturday, 20 August 2011

My Midnight Adventure

Last night was so much fun and so exciting! So I met up with my friend and we went to Trocadero like I mentioned and we went to Tokyo Toys which was awesome as well as some other fun shops there. Then we went and sat down at Trafalgar Square, moving once due to creepy people. Now when I say creepy, I mean perverts. I don’t mean perverts like me, who enjoy sexual jokes and conversations with friends, I mean perverts who approach young women and try to get ‘involved’ with them even though they’re not interested.

So there we were sitting against a wall, planning some things to happen to our characters in this fire (for our story thing) and there were some entertaining things. We saw some cops talking to a guy, I don’t know, people always seem to find that stuff interesting. There were actually a lot of police there, I guess it’s because they’re still concerned about riots. There were some people on rollerblades who were pretty good, with the actual moves; you know when it looks like a real dance or something? Is that what it’s meant to be? I don’t know. And there was one guy who had this thing that he threw up in the air and then it would just fly around and glow, it looked amazing and it was mesmerizing, once I looked at it I couldn’t look away until it landed!

Again, several guys approached us. First there was two drunk Polish guys (the drunker of the two kept pointing out that they were Polish and drunk, I don’t think he remembered telling us the first time). They said they just wanted to talk but they did seem too drunk and one of them kept looking at my friend (well that’s what she said, and I believe her, I didn’t notice it because of the way we were sitting). Second was a guy on his own, he said he wanted to talk but the way he was talking definitely had sexual implications (involving both of us). And this was one of those guys who, when rejected, asked if it was because he was black. Let me just say this now, I don’t care about someone’s colour at all. I have nothing against any race. What I do have something against, as I mentioned already, is people who don’t leave you alone when you make it clear you’re not interested.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love meeting new people. I just have a healthy cautiousness when people approach me when I’m out in the middle of the night. It was passed midnight at this point. Anyway, if someone who approaches me genuinely wants to talk then I’m usually happy to do so. As such, we were both happy to talk when another two guys came over and started talking to us. They seemed very friendly and we had some funny conversations. We shared some cheese around (they just happened to have some) and watched as one of them nearly got swept up by a street cleaner, and then nearly lost a shoe to the same cleaner (this is the kind of crazy adventure we have).

So we started walking around for a while, having more fun conversations, and one time I stole the shoe... that was a fun time. Then we decided to go to Camden. That’s when things started to go downhill (but still interesting). A fight broke out on the bus over someone smoking (which I have to agree is not a thing to be done on the bus), it was not interesting when I nearly got hit by some guy who didn’t care who was nearby or how close they were sitting, just wanted to fight. Luckily, that was pretty close to our stop. So then we were walking down the streets of Camden when the guys we were with started fighting on the street. It calmed down (and would have done sooner if other people hadn’t tried to get involved) but then some person went and got the police. One of the guys had already left and the other guy I felt bad for because it wasn’t totally his fault (the cop ended up letting him go anyway). Then a shop across the road got broken into across the road so we just walked away. We found the first guy again, he was injured but he seemed to be okay. Then when he left my friend and I decided to finally get home.

My parents were already asleep so I didn’t get in trouble for being out late.

So that was my crazy adventure last night and now today I have a party to plan for (my parents are throwing me a leaving party).

Well, goodbye for now!

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