Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Strange Dreams: Part 2

Here’s the rest of the dreams I’ve recorded so far.

It was in a war style setting. It was the present day but it had become like WW2 and it was in England but it was more like in Germany and those countries. Basically it was dark and it was winter, snowing slightly. Either a friend lived with me or she was my dream sister but I don’t remember her being anyone I actually know, I think a sister about my age or a year younger. Anyway there were these people who dressed really weirdly, like a cross between (this will sound crazy) like a cross between royalty and priests (even the females) and a tad Russian... I don’t know it’s hard to explain. Anyway so these people would come and inspect your house every so often and it was the first time it was being done to us... There had been these stories of them taking away the family’s children and taking them to this big scary place... so we looked out the window and there was a load of them walking over and they were all split into male/female pairs and went off to different houses and my sister and I were thinking of hiding in the closet or attic or something. (random memory to cut in: We didn’t have that much stuff in our house anymore, not exactly sure why think it may have been confiscated). But anyway we couldn’t and only one woman came into our house and was inspecting my sister and I and asking us questions it was scarier in the dream I promise, but then she just left and we watched outside as they all started to go but there was still this feeling we would be taken away soon.

Okay I think this is where the first transition happened. I’m was wondering if this goes after or before the first but I only remember 3 parts and I’m sure this was the second. So the whole thing changed basically and I woke up lying on a floor. I stood up and realised it was in this strange (but nice) looking building and it was hot and sunny outside. Then I realised that there were a group of soldiers walking through the building and then I realised that I was dressed like them and had the same weapons as them and then I realised that I must be a soldier too. And I sort of thought that it might be a dream because the scene looked like something out of a video game. So I went along with that, can’t remember exactly what happened but I know there was some shooting of people.

Anyway then it skips again. So then I’m standing out in the middle of some area. It may be England, or somewhere in France or Germany or even what I really think that it might have been Russia, either way the people had certain accents. Anyway, so I was standing in the middle of this street that was covered with snow. There were these trucks and there were people from the Red Cross/Salvation Army there (not sure which, you know I really do think it was Russia) and they were helping out the area which had already been affected very badly by the war thing going on. Anyway, next to this guy who was filming a news report or documentary on it and he started asking this one woman questions but she kept saying she was busy and asking us to go. I wanted to but the guy wouldn’t leave. So then the leader person of them came over really angry like, said that he was scaring the people in the town (because he was talking about all the things the enemies were doing and that they were defenceless), and she had this thing that looked like an umbrella but really was like some big, hard metal pole. She hit it across the guy’s face (vertically) and caved his head in and he just fell down dead and I realised it was so that nobody would ever see his footage then I looked up and both women were staring at me so I started backing away and telling her that I didn’t see what she did, I’d never tell anyone, and so on, but she just walked over to me. Up until this point everything that happened was from my POV but at this part it was like I was someone else there watching. I (actually me, not viewpoint me) tried to back away again, turned my head slightly with my hands up (trying to protect myself or plead for mercy?) and I saw this woman just shove this thing straight through the side of my head and all the blood come out on the other side along with the pole thing and I’m pretty sure I died and was just staring at my dead stabbed self for like 3 seconds before the dream ended and I woke up. (it was scarier in the dream)


I was looking after a friend’s kitten while they were alive and my parents gave me a new puppy as a gift. Then I was in my mum’s room and there was a spider on the drawers and I had to try to catch it with a glass. It sounds boring but the way it all happened in my dream was strange.

I was in some kind of strange, open-air restaurant that also had this large stage. I was on it for a while but I can’t remember what for. Then I was taken to a table where I was sitting with some family members and some people I didn’t know.
I was upset though and worried because (in the dream) I’d just given birth to twins and as soon as they were born they were taken away from me and I was sure that something horrible was going to be done to them. I also had several loose teeth, which was also odd.

That’s all for now. I’ve had a number of interesting dreams but because I’m bad at remembering to write them down I often forget too much to share. The most interesting dream I remember in full detail I don’t want to share here for the moment as I’m using it for a large part of the plot of one of my stories. The second dream mentioned here also influenced one of the subplots.
In less detail I’ve also had a number of dreams with recurring themes, including having to escape from attackers and dangerous creatures (including giants and demons), body parts falling off (of myself and others), the world ending or massive disasters, foreseeing deaths, etc. My most detailed dreams are often those that would be considered closer to nightmares but I love them more because the storylines are usually a lot better.

Okay, bye for now!

Nemo xXx

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