Wednesday, 17 August 2011

My Memory Box: Part 2

Continued from the previous post, the second part focuses on gig tickets and extras.

Gig Tickets

I could go on forever about my experiences at these gigs, so I’ll just summarise it by saying that I loved all of them and each one was an amazing experience. Music is a major part of my life. I’ve also been to a lot more than just those listed.

Decaydance Fest – 22 August 2007 – Hammersmith Apollo
Forever the Sickest Kids – 10 February 2009 – 02 Academy Islington
The Rasmus – 24 February 2009 – 02 Academy Islington
An Cafe – 24 March 2009 – 02 Academy Islington
The Blackout – 29 May 2009 – HMV Forum
Aiden & Tonight Is Goodbye – 07 June 2009 – Camden Barfly
Perfect People (Lets Talk Tactics) – 28 July 2009 – Relentless Garage
Elliot Minor – 20 November 2009 – HMV Forum
Kerrang Relentless Tour 2010 – 5 February 2010 – London Roundhouse
Lostprophets – 11th February 2010 – 02 Academy Brixton
Brokencyde & Jeffree Star – 17 April 2010 – Underworld Camden
Kill Hannah – 07 May 2010 – Electric Ballroom
Twenty Twenty – 02 June 2010 – 02 Academy Islington
Young Guns – 16 July 1010 – Relentless Garage
William Control – 27 July 2010 – Borderline
Placebo – 27 September 2010 – 02 Academy Brixton
Kerrang Relentless Tour 2011 – 18 February 2011 - Roundhouse


Letter from Eclipse (Tattoo & Piercing studio in Camden) – 15/01/10
I had to keep this letter. It was when I had my snakebites done. I need to get new rings for them right now. Anyway, I’d wanted snakebites for a couple of years so I was so happy when my parents finally agreed to let me get them.

Green Day Postcard
The Beatles Postcard
Pack of plectrums
These two postcards (as well as a third, but I can’t find it) and the plectrums were given to me as a gift by a man who worked in a shop near my house, which my mum and I go in all the time. (I have to admit, I had a crush on him for a couple of years before he gave me these gifts for... I can’t remember if it was for my birthday or Christmas. My response? I finally got to give him a big hug, hehe.)

Elliot Minor Postcard

Drawing of ‘Chav Reaper’

This is one of the very many joke characters a friend and I came up with. True to his name, the chav reaper is a chav-styled grim reaper who hunts chavs. My friend drew the picture so it’s even more special to me.


I have a few autographs. My favourite is from Ash Price (Synthetic Season) which he sent to be along with a shirt I’d ordered (because I asked nicely hehe). I met him before at the Jeffree Star gig and ended up talking to him for around five minutes and I got a nice picture and hug from him aswell. This was also around the time I used to be so shy approaching musicians but he was so friendly I didn’t have any of those problems.

Glow stick

I got this at the very first Lets Talk Tactics gig a few years ago. It’s the only thing I have left from it and it’s still special to me. I still wear it on my wrist all the time (except for at the moment because the thing that connects both ends is broken and I need to get a new one).

Set List
Drum Stick
I got all three of these from a Joe Lean & the Jing Jang Jong concert. It was a really fun night and I remember that the venue played an entire Placebo album during the breaks between musicians.

Newspaper article
An article about the first gig I ever went to, so naturally I had to save it.

Dog Collar
It belonged to my dog Lady, a Pomeranian, who was put to sleep the day after Christmas due to medical problems. She was only a couple of years old so that was even more upsetting. I hadn’t had a dog before that since I was a little child and I haven’t had one since which is really sad because I love dogs.

Rabbit ball
From my rabbit Flopsy, who died about a month or so ago. She loved the ball so I decided to keep it in memory of her.

Acceptance letter from University
College ID Card
Plushie tags – (I don’t know why I had to save those... wait, I do, I just like the pictures hehe.)
Aiden Conviction sticker


The Phobics
My Passion – London Underworld 31 October
Chinese New Year – 6th February 2010 (I love Chinese culture and Chinese food!)
My Passion Flyer and Sticker
Dan Scotty Flyer
Pestilence Paradise flyer

Well, that’s all that’s in my ‘box’ for now. Hope you had fun reading!

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