Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My Expo - October 2012

It’s now been a couple of weeks since Expo ended. I meant to do tonight’s posts sooner but I’ve been too busy with assignment deadlines. That shouldn’t happen again though as I have a lot more time to finish my others.

(my wigs in the background of this picture seem to be trying to mate)

So, on to the events of Expo. Friday morning saw me having a Star Trek marathon as I hurried to finish my sandal for Sunday’s roleplay. It only took me a little over an hour, a third the time of the first one the previous night. A short while later we finally left for Expo where we spent the first few hours talking with friends, and there was cake! We then went to our hotel. After finally getting to the right hotel (don’t ask) and doing what we had to there, we then spent 2-3 hours trying to find the way back (we later found a shorter way). We arrived and got our wristbands about an hour before it closed. We then had a fun night back at the hotel. We didn’t spend much time outside this expo aside from travelling because it was so cold (I developed a cold after I got home thanks to all that walking, but luckily it didn’t affect me that badly). Also, my friend’s brother tells amazing bed time stories.

Saturday was even more fun. Around midday we went and had our photo-shoot for our Kingdom Hearts roleplay group. I stupidly forgot to use the two props I’d brought. We then hung around with the group for most of the day and later went to see another old friend.

On Sunday a friend and I were cosplaying from Bleach and found a number of other Bleach cosplayers to hang around until our other friends arrived. We proceeded to have yet another fun day with friends. This was also the day I actually got some stuff, despite having almost no money. A number of friends had already bought me snacks (I didn’t ask them to or anything, it was just kindness). One of my friends bought me a Vincent Valentine plushie (she’d already given me a little Grimmjow thingy the previous day, she got two free when she bought two Bleach DVDs the previous day). I also got Bleach lieutenant’s badge (Renji’s one, for my future cosplay). I had half the money (I did have more than that before I lost a pound coin, still have no idea how) and two friends helped pay for the rest. Later that night we had more crazy KH rp  fun.

('But Vincent, that's my pancake.'
'But I'm adorable.'
'...Oh, okay.')

Overall, I think this was my best expo yet and I’m now looking forward to the next one even more. I'm already planning for the next one.

(I have a lot of pics but the ones here are just of me/things because I haven't gotten permission from people to use their pics on my blog yet. Not sure I actually have to ask but it's nice to anyway I think.)

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