Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My Halloween 2012

This Halloween was great. I watched some horror films, played some horror games, had a costume. Halloween is always more exciting when you have a costume.
Here’s my costume:

Jeff the Killer! There were so many issues doing the cuts.
I was looking forward to the fact I’d been given permission to go to class in costume, and it was great. I still haven’t decided whether it was extra fun or slightly awkward that I was the only one dressed up.
I’m also a little sad I didn’t see any of my flatmates that day. I thought it would be fun trying to freak them out.
Later I went to Anime Society for their Halloween thing. I was pleased I wasn’t the only non-anime character but no one knew who I was. I thought Jeff was pretty well known. Oh well, different circles I suppose. As I expected, there were a few Joker-themed comments. The Halloween themed anime were great. I didn’t stay to go drinking after because I had no money and was still recovering from the cold I got walking between the hotel and expo. I did walk around with a friend for a little while afterwards and we had some fun conversations. She bought me a bar of chocolate and later gave me one of her own, so at least I still got candy for Halloween!
Next year’s Halloween will be better, I’ll make sure of it. I already have my costume for that planned too.

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