Thursday, 29 November 2012

Cosplay May 2013 Begins

Expo has been over for a month now and as such many people have already started planning for May. I won’t have the money to properly start for a while (not before February at least) but I can still plan. My plans for the moment are as follows:
Ulquiorra – Bleach (chibi/release form)
Silica – Sword Art Online
And 1 other.

The third was originally supposed to be Yumichika from Bleach as part of a group but now they may be doing other things and if so I’ll probably be joining them too. I know I could still do Yumichika but it just sounded better to me as a group, although I still plan on being him at some point regardless because I get into character way too easily.

So anyway it sounds like the alternate cosplay option is going to be from Naurto again so I may end up doing Deidara again (and improved) or I may do another, I haven’t decided yet. I need to check what’s actually happening first.

So I’m currently in the process of how I’m going to be doing each costume. I’ll be giving another cosplay update soon with the plans I have for each. Again, I’m making everything myself this year so this should be fun.

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