Monday, 26 November 2012

Failed NaNoWriMo... Again!

It was looking hopeful for a couple of days but for the second year in a row university work has stopped me from finishing NaNo! I know there are still a couple of days left but I still have work to do and I really don’t think there’s much chance of getting 45000 words done that quickly.

I still consider it a general victory though as I’ve written more this month in terms of stories than I have in a few months. To me that’s a little more important, though I do really wanna win NaNo.
Next year, I don’t care if it is the last and probably hardest uni year, I will be victorious.

I’m still going to try to continue what I’ve been doing though, when I have the time. I think I’ll just ignore the fact that it isn’t NaNo, just as a challenge for myself, see how much I can get written each month. I mean, I really do need to be writing more stories as well as other things so that’s definitely going to continue after November.

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