Monday, 3 September 2012

Back to Liverpool - University Year 2

So this weekend, as if the title didn't make it obvious, I moved back to Liverpool from London for the second year of university. I spent all Friday packing and to be honest in the week leading up to leaving I really didn't want to move back. I wanted to stay in London. But I had to and I was still looking forward to classes starting up again, so here I am writing from my new flat in Liverpool.

My mum came up with me like last year and she just went back to London earlier this afternoon. Now I'm all alone, because none of my flatmates have moved in yet. I've been getting really excited about meeting them, sometimes I look out the window just hoping to see a car pull up and when one does I wait for a few minutes to see if they'll be coming to my flat. It sounds kinda sad I know but considering just a couple of weeks ago I wasn't looking forward to the flatmate part I think it's a good sign. I still hope they'll be nice and that we'll get along better than I did with my flatmates last year.

So, Saturday was spent travelling down to Liverpool - big suitcase causing problems as usual - then getting some food shopping in and putting away that and the stuff I brought with me. Sunday saw us picking up my stuff from the storage place and getting a bit more food. I should have enough food to last almost until Christmas now.

The new flat is great. I'm in Block A this year, only one that's really close to the outer gate, and on the first floor instead of fourth, so less walking (which might not be a good thing) and easier when I have a lot to carry. When I arrived and picked up my key I was told I had the nicest flat in the place. I can believe that. We have leather sofas, and a bigger TV than last years. We have two fridge freezers, so there's going to be less trouble over food space. Everything is generally really nice.

My favourite part though was the welcome package waiting on the desk for me when I arrived. It contained a calendar, nnotepad, several coupons and fliers, a pack of haribo tangfastic, pack of Reese's cups, small box of white chocolate brownie Krave (my favourite, I love Krave),a packet of mini Ritz crackers, a packet fajita seasoning mix (been wanting fajitas for ages), two small packs of airwaves gum, a packet of nescafe 3 in 1, a small bottle ove Old Spice, a small bottle of 'Loverdose' some kind of perfume, and some nivea moistourising cream.

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