Sunday, 12 August 2012

Weekly Update 12/08/12

This week:
  • Dad’s birthday party went pretty well, I think it’s the longest I’ve stayed at a party in a long time. It was fun and as usual I spent most of the time entertaining the children (or in this case one child and a friend) that were there. I also decorated dad’s birthday cake myself and though it was only simple I’m quite pleased with myself since everyone complimented it so much.
  • My Kingdom Hearts group meet was the next day and that was a lot of fun too. There was a lot of insanity as usual. I spent most of the day playing with our Mickey’s tail (it was so fluffy!). Later we went to the park and were feeding bread to the birds at the pond. A goose kept biting my shoe and a swan kept trying to eat my coat (or me), and then several pigeons perched on my hands and arms. It was actually an amazing feeling. They actually aren’t as disgusting as people seem to think and their talons (are they called talons on pigeons?) and beaks don’t hurt.
  • I went shopping with my mum at the Elephant a couple of times this week. One time we were in the bank when we suddenly heard a lot of shouting. Some guy in the shop next door had gotten pissed off and just trashed it. I have to admit it was amusing watching the guy argue with the security guard and then try to run away. I don’t know if it’s true but my mum heard that it had started because the guy’s change was 20p short.
  • I mentioned in my last post how excited I was getting about my upcoming cosplays but since then I’ve also been getting into a really creative mood so I’ve been starting making plans for a lot of other things I could make. I’ve decided to fill a project book with ideas and plans.

Plans for next week: 
  • Call Student Finance again to ask about money. I sent the last piece of information they claimed they hadn’t got two weeks ago, so they should definitely have it now. At this point I don’t even care if they haven’t finished processing yet; I just want to know that they are. I need my money.
  • Finish organising my closet. I realise these two were goals from last week but they’re still not done.
  • Practice packing my suitcase for university. I just want to make sure I can do it in a way that everything I want fits and isn’t too heavy.
  • Fill my project book with my plans including how I’ll make them with diagrams.
  • Start drawing and writing more often, I still want to improve my skills more before I go back to university in September.
  • Possibly go to the doctor. I've had a problem with my ear since Thursday. It can still hear properly but there is some pain and sometimes there’s a weird feeling. I might go to the doctor just to make sure there’s nothing really wrong, maybe see if there can be a cause found and anything to fix it. Plus one of my friends keeps begging me to.

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