Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Delayed Weekly Update 25/09/12

What happened last week:

  • I finally got my student finance. Rent still hasn’t gone out though so I don’t know how much I have but it won’t be a lot. A couple of hundred if I’m lucky.
  • I had my first classes. They have been fun so far. As usual, the first week was easy; there wasn’t a lot of work in class, homework in screenwriting was to watch a film and homework for prose was to read two stories. The independent study module has still not started and I’m starting to get impatient because I really want to start or at least know I’ll be able to the thing I want to do.
  • We had our first anime society meeting of the year this week. It was a lot of fun seeing everyone again and the two animes they showed were pretty good. The second one particularly though, I’m going to try to watch more of to see if my thoughts are correct that it is one I can get into.
  • I bought everything for my Halloween costume except the fake blood. There are problems, I couldn’t find a white hoodie anywhere so I got light grey instead. Also, I’m not too sure about the quality of this face paint.
  • I ordered a chest binder for my cosplays and I’m hoping it will come in time for expo. I don’t want boobs this time when I’m meant to be a guy. If not I’ll use the bandage method but that’s not as good.
  • I booked the travel for my next few trips to London. 11th-15th October for KH group meet, 25th-29th for Expo. For both of those I’m pretty much taking every free day I have that week. Then 13th December for coming home for Christmas.
  • As for personal time, this week I spent a lot of it watching gaming videos on youtube.

Plans for this week:

  • Buy wigs and shoes for incomplete cosplays.
  • Buy expo ticket.
  • Get rent out or try to find out when it’s going out.

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