Monday, 31 December 2012

Goodbye 2012!

So here we are - the end of the year. It’s not a big deal really because when the clock rolls over to midnight life will be pretty much the same as it always is with no changes. Well, I say that. There are New Year’s Resolutions and stuff. It does seem like an appropriate time to start over.

How am I celebrating you ask? At home alone with a glass of wine, listening to music (non-holiday related) while giving one of my cosplay weapons a new coat of paint, and waiting for TV to get good again. Sounds amazing right? Soon there will be the addition of comforting my cat while he’s terrified of the fireworks. So, let’s have some end of the year type stuff.

3 Highlights of My Year

A lot of good happened this year. Since I left school each year gets better and better. Here are just three of the things that made this year great (of course, it adds up to more if you count how many times each actually happened):

  • Prose Class – The highlight of second year’s first semester had to be the prose module. The workshop group was just such a fun place to be and it proved to me that you can get constructive criticism from university (unlike a certain event from the beginning of this year). Really though, everyone was great and I don’t think there was a day someone didn’t say something that made me laugh. Our tutor was great too and I’ll miss not having her in any of the next semester’s modules.
  • Fun with Friends – I don’t think I’ve ever had such an eventful social life as I’ve had this year. There are a group of people I’ve been spending time with almost every month and it’s always a highlight of my month. Then there’s been the anime society, which has been amazing as always, and even flatmates that are fun to spend time around now.
  • Expos – The two biggest highlights of my year once again were the MCM Expos. There’s just so much fun and happiness involved, it’s the greatest place in the world! This year was special because I could go for whole weekends and I was able to start making my own stuff for it. Next year’s will be even better, I’m sure of it!

2012 New Year’s Resolutions, Did I Succeed or Fail?

I made a whole list at the beginning of the year, let’s take a look:

1. Write at least one short story a day. X
I just couldn’t pull it off. I did get a few written though so that’s something at least.

2. Get better grades in my uni classes. ü
So far this has gone really well. I’ve only got a couple of grades back from this semester but they have been really good.

3. Be healthier. ü
Okay, so I’m probably still not super healthy but I’ve made some big improvements this year. I’ve had a more balanced diet, and doing other things that are supposed to be good for the body. I admit I haven’t been great at exercising, though I have done a bit on and off. I have lost a little weight which I’m quite happy about.

4. Stick to the budget. ü
I’m counting this even though my budget is messed up at the moment because I did stick to the limits I gave myself and certain problems I have with it currently will soon be solved.

5. Get better at drawing. ü
I wouldn’t say there have been big improvements yet but there have definitely been some so I count it.

6. Finish all the games I currently own. X
Yeah… that was never going to happen. I will get through them all when I have time though.

7. Be more confident in social situations. ü
There have been big improvements here I’d say, especially in university.

5/7 is pretty good I’d say.

Special Mention

My cat Trixie died on the 1st of May, aged 13. I’d had him since I was six and this is going to be my first year without him. Trixie, you were awesome! I will miss you.

So there we have it, time for a new year to begin.
Happy New Year everybody!

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