Sunday, 2 December 2012

Chibi Ulquiorra Cosplay Part 1 - The Basics

This is the first cosplay I’ve started for May mainly because I realised recently that I already have the basics for it. I’m not exactly using any actual chibi-type image as a reference pic but for the most part I’m going off of the original look, like this:

I’ll start by showing the basics I have for him and talking about how I’m planning to alter them and then go on to what I need.
So here I am:

I don't look anything like him yet, but that will change as the costume progresses.

First of all I’m going to lose more weight by the time I do this properly. I don’t feel like I have to look really skinny or anything but I’d like to have less than I do now. Especially for being someone who looks like that.

The bandages, well, unfortunately I’m a girl who likes to be a boy and boobs don’t help. Boys generally do not have boobs. So I was gonna have to wear something over them anyway. I use a binder to flatten them but it’s a bit small so without the bandages for extra support it keeps coming down. I’m hoping to have a bigger one for May but I think I’ll keep the bandages even if I do. I think they work as a cute addition for a chibi form, a benefit of not doing the actual version.

As for the bottom, I think the leggings work as they’re the right colour and fir to match the picture. The fluffy bits are going to be added to the thighs, I’m going to sew fake fur onto them, and then I’ll be adding a tail.

Now, the things I’ll need:

  • Black fur - as mentioned above
  • Black wig - I have a couple but neither is suitable for this cosplay.
  • White body paint- It’s pretty obvious why I need that.
  • Make up - I already have some in the right colours for him but I’ll have to check after I get the paint that it will go on top of it properly.
  • Arms and feet - I do have an idea of how to do this but it’s a bit difficult to explain the idea in its early stages
  • Wings – I was originally going to make full sized foldable wings but now I’m thinking as a chibi form I can get away with much smaller wings which will be cheaper and make moving around easier at expo. I’m not sure if I’ll use the foldable feature yet. There are a few things I need for this one.
  • The horns – The idea at the moment is paper mache and I’m hoping I’ll be able to make them strong enough that way.

So those are my plans for now. Have I missed anything?
I’m also going to have kitty Grimmjow with me who I’m guessing will get a lot more love.
More updates as they become available, the next will probably be me trying to do the make-up, since I can’t really start the rest until February.

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