Friday, 28 December 2012

Chibi Ulquiorra Cosplay - New Plan

My plans for this cosplay have changed quite a bit. It’s probably a good thing.

So the plan for the bottom part is still the same. I’ll be using a pair of black leggings as a base and then adding black fur to it, as well as my tail. I’m so excited about getting a tail. In addition I’ve been trying to figure out what to do about my feet. I think I’m just going to use long black socks and then make claws to put where my toes are. It’s okay, shoes aren’t necessary at expo. I’ll probably do the same for my arms using long gloves.

As for the top half, well… last time my plan was just to use my binder and bandages. Here are the problems I found with that:
1.       I was worried it would still look like I was trying to do a female version.
2.       I thought it would look too much like the normal version instead of a chibi version.

My friend actually suggested something I think will fix both of these problems and it’s what I’m planning to do now. I’ll be making an Ulquiorra hoodie. This will be good because then I can probably just use the binder instead of bandages too, I should be able to get a bigger one by then so it shouldn’t keep falling down without extras. If it does, I can just wear the hoodie closed instead of open. This will also be helpful if it turns out the day I’m him is cold. My friend’s suggestion was to make the hoodie with the horns and wings attached. I’m a little worried it won’t look as impressive as making them properly as I was originally going to do, but it will certainly be easier and make it look chibi, which it’s supposed to be. Plus I really like the idea of having another hoodie with horns. With wings too, that’s just perfect. I think I’m going to put a ‘4’ on the chest too, even though Ulquiorra’s release form doesn’t seem to have that. Again, chibi version, it doesn’t have to look exactly like the real version, right? I think it will look good.

Then I just need to get a suitable wig, perfect my make-up, and get a load of white body paint.

I’ve actually drawn a picture of Ulquiorra in that form wearing the hoodie I’ve designed… just to see how well the look actually worked. I think it’s adorable. I’ll upload it here as soon as I get access to the scanner.

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