Saturday, 22 December 2012

Cat Stole My Bed! (Generic Christmas Post)

Cute cat pics to make up for generic Christmas post!

I am home! Well, to be fair, I’ve been home for over a week now. I came back on the 13th, but I’ve had a fairly lazy week where I’ve done nothing but talk to family, watch TV and play Sims 3. There was the Christmas party last Thursday, Christmas food shopping on I don’t remember what day, and spending hours on Tuesday with one of my best friends. Other than that, laziness. It’s a good thing. I needed a rest after the semester finally finished. That was an exciting time; it felt so good to get all my assignments in.

So now I have 2 weeks left to enjoy what’s left of the Christmas holiday, and I have a few plans. I’m cleaning and reorganizing my room, again. Expo left it a bit messy and the closet exploded from all the crap I stuffed in it. I also need to prep it for the next time I come back when I’ll finally be able to work on my cosplays. Hopefully that means finally getting the sewing machine up here. Perhaps I’ll even be able to start the wall painting finally. Cosplay planning is also going to be happening. I’ve planned everything for Silica over the last couple of days and I’m really excited to finally start. There are a couple of things I’ll still be able to do in Liverpool luckily so I won’t have to wait forever.

I’m also excited to get back to my console games. I can’t believe I’ve been too lazy to even set them up. There are a certain couple I want to go through but in general I’m just excited to be able to play again. I love my handhelds of course but there is a difference. Another thing I have to do is the research for my university Independent Study project. I’m doing a graphic novel so half of it is just reading them. That should be easy enough. Then I should start planning what I’m going to do for it.
There will probably be posts on all of these things.

As for the actual Christmas stuff… well, tomorrow I’m making biscuits following a recipe I got from one of my teachers who brought some in on our last day. They’re delicious and I’ve given up the chance to get a birthday cake in order to have them (we’re having budget Christmas again). Then I get to have my birthday on Monday which will be no different from a normal day because it’s budget Christmas and I’m having my birthday biscuits tomorrow but everyone still has to sing to me. Then Christmas, yay! At least we get a full Christmas dinner and we got a load of fruit and vegetables free thanks to our neighbour and lots of other yummy food. It’ll probably be just stay in and watch all the Christmas TV and listen to the Christmas songs thing as usual. At least I managed to get little trees from the 99p store.

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