Thursday, 27 December 2012

Silica Cosplay Part 1 - The Plans

I’ve been in a really cosplay obsessed mood lately, which is bad because I can’t afford to buy the things I need until February. So I’ve been using this time to plan out my costumes and I’ve decided to share what those plans are. First up, is Silica from Sword Art Online.

- I did consider using my real hair but it’s a little too dark. Silica’s one of those people where I had a problem figuring out if her hair was meant to be light brown or dark blonde (yeah, my eyes really can’t tell the difference half the time). I had so much trouble finding a suitable wig as well. I couldn’t find anything that seemed to be the right shade or length. Finally I just had to start looking for a character specific wig. I did manage to find a good looking one that isn’t much more expensive than a normal wig, now I just need the money to order it, and to hope they’re still selling them by the time I get it.

- The first layer of clothing should be fairly simple. My plan is to get a plain black t-shirt and black skirt and alter them as needed. That means cutting the shirt to the right shape (because I’m sure I won’t find one already in that shape) and sewing the yellow lines onto them by hand. I’m not sure actually whether hand or machine sewing will be better for that part but if I do it by hand I can do it while I’m still in Liverpool so I don’t have to wait until I get home to do everything. The socks will be done in the same way. For the part with the buckle I’ll be using a cheap little one with some of the fabric I cut off the shirt. The shoes will be done similarly. I’m hoping to find a cheap pair I can just alter to look like hers.

- The outer layer of clothing is a little trickier, for someone who’s never done this before anyway. It shouldn’t be too hard though. Basically I’ll be getting some red and yellow fabric, cutting out the shapes and sewing them together. That will be done with the machine; I’m not even going to try hand sewing with that part. I’m also a little worried about those extra yellow bits, like the crosses. This is why the costume will take longer to make than it has to, I’ll be spending a lot of time just making sure all the shapes are right. Hopefully I’ll have enough material leftover to make the gloves.

- I’ll be making the sheath and belt with fake leather. The weapons I was originally going to make out of wood but considering I don’t even have all the tools I’d need yet I’ve found a cheaper and what looks to be easier way of making them out of foam and paper mache. I’ll be following a tutorial I found online, and from what I’ve seen quite a few people including a couple I know use this method so hopefully it’ll be good. I do still hope to get the things needed to make wooden props at some point, but I need to save money at the moment. Making my own costumes seems to be helping with this too. Aside from the stuff I need to get to make this it will cost £50-60 including shoes and wig. I don’t think I’ve ever done anything for less than £100 (excluding my first costume). I’m not sure whether making the breastplate will work the same way but I’ve been having trouble finding a good way to do that so I might try it.

- I’m still not 100% on how I’ll be doing the anklet and hair accessories yet but I’m sure it won’t be too hard to figure out.

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