Thursday, 26 September 2013

My Uni Supplies

I wanted to talk a little about the supplies I brought for my classes. I was going to mention them in my previous post but I didn’t want it to run too long, so I thought I’d do a separate one for it.

First of all, this is the bag I use for my classes. Actually, it’s the bag I use for everything right now because it’s the only one I brought with me. 

I love Soul Eater. I don’t love this bag’s strap because while it can be adjusted, it doesn’t like to stay adjusted, and when it’s filled with uni supplies it has the nasty habit of swinging around and hitting my other leg, which lead to a pretty nasty bruise.

My first year I had a notebook for each class. Last year I had a big one that I wrote everything in. I decided to have one notebook between all my classes again this year (it’s really not bad if you have a big enough one and mark each section properly. It took me until my second class to realise it had a bookmark, which I love.

I wanted to get an academic diary again this year as I had one last year and found it really useful. Then I found this instead and I couldn’t resist. It has separate sections, a timetable which is great for classes and anything else planned at specific times, a to do list for everything else and even a section where you can write down notes, great for homework as well as diary entries and anything else you need to write down. It is shorter though, I’ve worked it out and it will only last until December. After that I may get a regular diary again, but we’ll see when the time comes.

So, I was stupid and when it came to packing I couldn’t find my pens anywhere. I had to run out and buy some. I’m one of those people who needs a specific type of pen. I’m not limited to just one, though I have my favourites, but I like ones that feel a certain way in my hand and ones that I can write easily with. This doesn’t mean I actually know the difference between different types of pens. I couldn’t get my favourite so I bought these because they looked similar. ‘Roller pens’, again I don’t actually know what that means, but they aren’t the easiest. I like the way they feel and most of the time the way they write but they only really write properly if I have the notebook flat rather than at an angle, which is how I often have to write in the lecture room. It has gotten easier as I’ve become used to them though.

Honestly, that’s all there is for now. Undeserving of its own post? Maybe. There were some other things (sharpie highlighters, certain pencils and rubbers) but I didn’t have the time to find them before I left. That is the downside of having a convention right before moving back to university.

I'm also lucky enough that my course doesn't have a lot of required reading. There's a lot of suggested reading, but only two or three we've actually had to read.

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