Friday, 27 September 2013

Fighting Apparent Laziness

I do all my own stunts, you know.

Has anyone else had a really slow couple of weeks? To be fair, it hasn’t really been slow for me, what with moving back to uni, having to buy food and other supplies, go back to classes, but everything outside of that has just been… well almost non-existent.

There’s no doubt that it can be hard sometimes, transitioning from summer back into a work environment. I suppose I should be happy, since this is the last year I’ll likely have such a transition. I still seem to spend a stupid amount of time just sitting in my room watching youtube or reading some useless thing on the internet. I can barely even wake up! To be fair, I have been having some sleep related problems recently, but as someone who usually wakes up at 8 in the morning, trying to get back to waking up at 7, progress has been terrible. Almost every day I’ve woken up to my alarm at 7 only to immediately fall asleep again and wake up around 10 (the one exception thankfully being the day I had a class at 10). This usually leads to a very slow start. Then I’ll occasionally get tired in the afternoon. I’ve never really been a nap person but occasionally I’ll give in and take one for the sake of being able to do more afterwards. Unfortunately the last couple of times I’ve done it I’ve stupidly not set an alarm and woken up over an hour later even more tired than when I laid down, which leads to a lack of anything being accomplished.

I’ve been actively trying to break this cycle, with only minor success so far but it shouldn’t be too hard to resolve now. Yesterday my classes went from suspiciously easy to ‘ah, there’s the work’ when I realised just how much reading I would have to do. I love reading, but there is a lot to get through in a short space of time. I’ve started that now, as well as work on my assignments for the semester, so at least that’s back on track even if I could pick up the pace a little. I also went back to the anime society last night, having missed the first of the year due to tiredness. I was tired last night but forced myself to go anyway and I’m really happy I did. I’m sure in a couple of weeks everything will be back to normal but in the middle of this transition things are pretty rough (even if they are mostly relaxed).

Has anyone else ever had this problem? What do you do to fight laziness when it rears its ugly head?

(Please don’t tell anyone in my writing class I used a cliché!)

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