Friday, 3 August 2012

Top 10 Jobs I’d Love to Have

Another list for fun, these are some of the jobs I’d love to have if I could, assuming I were qualified to do them. A lot of these are really generalised, naming areas more than specific jobs, but still. It is slightly restricted though in that they can only be jobs available in my country and time period (there are lots I would love to have from hundreds of years ago).

10. Army
This may be a bit of a weird one considering I don’t necessarily agree with the wars going on. I’m sort of in between on them, against war in support of peace but for war in consideration of the fact that it is in human nature. But I like the idea of being a warrior type person, the idea of fighting and survival and things like that. I guess this sort of fits into the time period thing I mentioned because the idea is of more interest to me historically. And okay it might also have something to do with the games I play (don’t get me wrong, I know there are lots of differences between games and real life).

9. Teacher
Specifically for primary school or younger aged kids, they’re so cute and easier to get along with, usually more respectful and excited to learn. It’s a nice idea, being able to teach little kids about the world. My experience in secondary school easily turned me against the idea of working with kids that age. I definitely think I’ll only do that for my own children.

8. Musician
Music has been a big part of my life for a long time and for a while I really thought I was going to be a musician or music producer, something in that area. A part of me still does though not as much. It would be fun though, but I know I really don’t have the skill for it.

7. Veterinarian
This is the job I thought I would have for almost my entire childhood. Animals were always my favourite thing as a kid and I knew a lot more about them than most kids. So it made sense that I would want a job where I could help them.

6. Film
Doing media studies in college (and being a lifelong fan of film) gave me the idea of working in this area. Any of the jobs in the film industry would probably be fun for me, actress, director, screenwriter, location finder… I also really wanted a job at the BBFC, which would mean I would get to see new films and games before they came out and decide on the ratings for them. Which aside from being really fun because I get to see films and play games for work, but I would get to see the inappropriate stuff that would be taken out before they were released to the public. It would have been awesome.

5. Police
Kind of like the army thing but better.  This is another kidlike thing, fighting the bad guys and all that, and it would have some pretty interesting stories, with murder cases and other creepy/disturbing stuff. Doing the crime scene photography would also be fun.

4. Dead bodies
Okay yeah, this one is really general. I guess this one kind of relates to the last one. Anything to do with death interests me, particularly with autopsies or preparing the body for burial, though even grave digging or other cemetery work seems interesting to me.

3. Doctor
This is another job I wanted for a while. I have a really big interest in medical science and medical problems and injuries and things like that, and I also watch a lot of medical programmes be it fictional ones like Scrubs or ones based on true stories like Untold Stories of the ER. Specifically, I would want to be an ER doctor because you get a wide variety of cases and get to save people’s lives.

2. Geneticist
To do with the last one I mentioned and again it’s mostly due to things I’ve read or played but lately this area of work really fascinates me. I’ve also done a lot of research in the area for different stories I’ve written and found it really interesting.

1. Author
Of course, this is the job I am certain I will have in the future. I love writing, particularly fictional stories, though I hope to start creating graphic novels as well. I’m doing a lot more writing lately after a long break (not including what I had to do for university work) and it seems to be going well. I’ve also been trying to practice drawing more.

Thus ends another list. A strange mix of jobs I know. So what jobs would you want to have?

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