Friday, 10 August 2012

Cosplay To-Do List - October MCM Expo

Well here it is, the first post dedicated to my cosplays for the 2012 October London MCM Expo, and I’m really excited. I’ve been obsessing over cosplay for a while now but I only really started thinking seriously about it yesterday, so this first post is going to be a checklist of the things I’ve already done and the things I need to do for each one. I won’t be getting any money until about halfway through September, if that, so with limited time I want to know exactly what I’m doing beforehand so I can get it done as soon as possible.


  • Pretty much nothing but research so far.

Still to do:
  • Buy costume. Recently I had decided to buy some parts individually and make others but due to time and having to get other things done, and it being about the same price anyway, I’ve gone back to my original plan to buy the whole costume together. I need to buy or make shoes too because they’re the only thing that don’t come with the costume.
  • Buy and style wig. It’s a pretty simple style so I’ve decided to get a normal wig and do it myself rather than get one made specifically for the character that costs a lot more than a normal one and may or may not be good.
  • Make scope. I don’t know how necessary that part actually is but I want to make it (mostly because I haven’t found anywhere I can buy it). I’m not sure how yet but I’m sure it won’t be too difficult.


  • Well I’ve done this cosplay several times before so… yeah. I have the full costume and wig and everything.

Still to do:
  • Buy new boots. I’m not going to worry too much about getting them perfect considering all but the bottom will be hidden anyway, but I’ll be trying to find some that can work. Last time I had to buy boots for this cosplay I learnt just how hard it was to find plain boots with no decorations or heels.
  • Make new Lexicon. The old one was basically a ring binder with the design painted on, and the cover’s gotten a bit damaged now. Today I researched how to bind books so I’m going to make a real one this time.


  • Got full costume (except for my feet).
Still to do:
  • Buy sandals and socks for the costume.
  • Buy a wig, again styling it myself unless I can find a reasonably priced one that looks right.
  • Possibly add sleeves to my haori, since mine didn’t come with sleeves but Jushiro actually does have them… I want to be accurate.
  • Make my sword. I don’t think I should explain right now all the reasons I've decided to do it myself but I am, and I plan to do quite a bit of research soon on how to make it, since I've never made a sword before. Luckily, it’s a pretty simple design.

So that’s my to do list between now and the end of October. I’m going to be doing more updates on this as I get each part done. Until then, it’s back to research.

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