Saturday, 28 July 2012

Weekly Update 28/07/12

What happened this week?

  • -          My pre-ordered copy of the new Kingdom Hearts game finally arrived. I was basically stuck to the post box between the time I got the email on Friday to say it had been posted to when it actually came on Tuesday. Only a few hours in so far but so far I love it!
  • -          Spent the day out with a friend on Thursday, had so much fun, then we both got pretty badly affected by the heat. I know I’ve adapted to it a lot though because otherwise it wouldn’t have only started at the end of the trip and would have been a lot worse. But exhaustion, dizziness, headache, stomach ache, weakness in the legs (that one probably more due to all the walking) and my face was still red from heat when I went to bed. I think I’m okay now. Anyway it was worth all the fun, and I got to go to my two favourite shops.

Plans for next week:

  • -          Dad’s birthday, 29th July
  • -          Got a friend staying at my house for a couple of days early in the week, plans so far include talking about cosplay, watching Bleach and swordfights
  • -          Going shopping with mum on Thursday to get the stuff for dad’s birthday party, we’re having it nearly a week after his birthday because certain people weren’t around this week
  • -          Dad’s birthday party next Saturday
  • -          Kingdom Hearts group meet on Sunday (normally this would be saved for next week’s update but, meh!)
  • -          Non-human related goals for next week: clean my room again before Monday, play more of the new KH game, finish Bleach series 8 (only 5 more episodes to go), Camp Nano (maybe), start planning for future cosplays

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