Thursday, 5 July 2012

My 5 Most Loved and Hated School Subjects

Yep, following my current fixation on getting back to uni I’ve decided my new list post will be on the subjects I’ve loved and hated previously. Now, the title says school but this includes college as well. Getting right on with it...


5. Art
I’ve always loved art and drawing but in school it rarely seemed like a class and we never had a permanent teacher. Nevertheless, it was fun.

4. Science
There was a lot of classes that weren’t that great and I didn’t really like most of the people I was forced to sit with. One year the seating plan was so cramped in my section I had to sit with my book on my lap to have room to write and that was really uncomfortable. However, I did like the actual subject, especially biology which I always got high marks in. My favourite part was the year we had to invent out own animal to show our understanding of adaptation.

3. Psychology
I just loved learning about all the experiments and more about the way people’s minds worked. I feel it’s given me a lot of knowledge useful for future stories I’ll write.

2. History
I’ve always loved studying history, even outside of school. Classes were always fun though I wish we’d done more on ancient history. Again, I always got high marks.

1. English
Of course, it’s expected for a writer to choose this subject. My favourite parts were those that involved creative writing although the rest was great too (though I have some horrible memories from the last year in secondary school).


5. RE
I loved RE in school, learning about different religions. It wasn’t like that in college, we didn’t learn about religions but instead had to discuss various topics, a number of which hardly touched the subject of religion. For the most part I didn’t mind but I always disliked not learning about religions in a lesson called ‘religious education’.

4. PE
When I started PE in primary school I hadn’t played many sports so I wasn’t very good. Naturally, the other kids were horrible to me because of this. This in turn made me more determined not to play the sport, especially with them. I was never that interested anyway. In primary school the only thing I loved about it was the obstacle course, I miss that. It continued through to secondary school and unless it was running, hockey, dodgeball or badminton I hated it. Eventually they just let me sit at the side and read or play cards instead of join in.

3. Geography
All I have to say about this is that I never liked the way it was taught in school. That’s all.

2. Drama
I liked drama. I’m good at acting. It went well when we had to perform a play for the exam and the written coursework went well. But there was too much real life drama with the people in the class. And the rare times I actually got to share my ideas they weren’t listened to. I also would have felt better performing in front of them if they were the slightest bit encouraging. I will add though this doesn’t include a certain few members of the class who were somewhat friendly and encouraging with me.

1. Math
This used to be one of my favourite lessons and I was great at it until it got to the last couple of years at secondary school. Then we got a new teacher who decided to teach it differently and in my opinion it was shit. I got completely lost and got my first u grade ever. I tried to study at home to make up for it but by then I was really demotivated. Then the next year we had another new teacher who just wrote what page to do on the board and pretty much left for the entire class. So there was no one to teach or help or anything. At least I still did well in the final exam.

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