Wednesday, 4 July 2012

My Top 5 Creepypastas

I love creepypastas because when written well they can be amazing stories, as well as very scary. That’s the reason I got into them, I read and watch so much horror that I’m desensitised to almost everything, none of it scares me anymore, or if it does not enough. When I discovered creepypasta stories there were a few that really did. So I thought I’d do a list of my favourites. For the most part, these are the ones that scared me the most when I first read them. There are of course other ones that are really good and/or really scary that I didn’t mention here, and probably some others I really loved but can’t remember by name. Anyway, the list:

There another version I’ve seen of this but this one is my favourite, mostly because though well written and with a good storyline, I don’t like the end of the other version that much. Anyway, this one is a bit longer than the others but I read it all in one evening. It has some slow moments but it is really interesting and builds up a lot of tension, with some parts being incredibly creepy. The best part is how believable it is, particularly with the pictures included. I have a love of caving and scary stories set in caves and though I’ve seen a couple, this one is definitely the best.

Another set in one of my favourite locations for a horror story – a forest. This is another one that builds up a bit of tension and it has a number of creep moments, even if it isn’t the best written. It reminds me a little of the Blair Witch Project, which was one of my favourite films when I first read it. I’m not saying it’s exactly like it, there are a lot of differences, but that’s what it reminded me of. It’s a good story, another one that’s best read at night (aren’t all creepypastas like that?).

This one appealed to me because it included a human experiment and it has something I’ve found creepy for a while – the loss of all senses. I have to admit since first reading this I have wondered several times if such an experiment would be possible in real life, if that could actually be done to a person (physically done, not restricted because it isn’t ethical). And I found the events that happened were quite creepy, especially because the story is well written, especially the last couple of lines.

Following on from the last one, more human experimentation! For the most part, it’s really well written, and I found it really creepy the first few times I read it. One of the things I love about this story is how gory it is. There aren’t enough really gory stories that still manage to be scary. If only there was more…

This one is the exception of the list because it never actually scared me, but it is my favourite creepypasta. I really just love the whole story and everything that happens and I really like the creature in it, whatever it is. I’ve read a few creepypastas with similar creatures but none were this interesting to me. I think it’s well written as well, even if it is a bit simple, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

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