Saturday, 23 June 2012

Weekly Update 23/06/12

So I’ve only just started posting again after another absence, not as long this time luckily. This time I can definitely say it will be daily because I do have a number of written posts and a schedule of what day I will post which. 

What has happened to me this week?

  • -          I found out I passed all my modules this year
  • -          I’ve started getting really into video games again (especially Skyrim) after a few weeks playing nothing but sims 3
  • -          Started a dream journal
  • -          Had a nightmare where Jeff the Killer was in my room at night trying to kill me, which is funny because I never found the story scary and always quite liked his character
  • -          Started exercising again, not too much at the moment but it’s progress
  • -          Started drawing again, not too good at the moment because I haven’t been practicing enough
  • -          Accepted that I’m not going to be doing this month’s Camp Nano after all
  • -          Started character profiles for a story I’m working on

So it’s been a pretty productive week at least. I don’t really have any plans for next week yet aside from picking up my tickets for when I go back to Liverpool (mum’s coming again to help me move my stuff around) and probably more gaming and writing. Mum’s going out Saturday night but I doubt I’ll go with her.

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